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[FT] Many DIYs (Purple hyacinth wreath, Spooky lantern set and many more), Redd paintings, Phil's photo [LF] Bug/Fish models, listed Redd art, clothing wishlist

2020.10.30 02:51 trueredtwo [FT] Many DIYs (Purple hyacinth wreath, Spooky lantern set and many more), Redd paintings, Phil's photo [LF] Bug/Fish models, listed Redd art, clothing wishlist

FT: Phil's photo (for another animal photo), Robot hero, Bug aloha shirt, Pearls, real Academic painting, real Wistful painting, real Common painting, real Moody painting, real Quaint painting, real Perfect painting, Fake Basic painting, Fake Jolly painting, Fake Famous painting, Fake Academic painting, Fake Scenic painting, Fake Serene painting, Fake Wild painting left half, Fake Wild painting right half, Luna's bed, Any song (besides Birthday), Mom's tissue box, Mom's pen stand, Pocket Camp crossover items (Brake Tapper, Fortune-cookie cart, Market Place decoration, etc.), Wedding arch, Museum Day plaques, Toy centipedes, Toy cockroaches, Ladybug rug, summer shells, Tambourines (non-catalogable handheld instrument), Grape-harvest basket, Sandlot, Dig-site wall, Fireworks-show wall, Grand Q.A. birdwing model
LF any Flick/CJ bug/fish models, especially: Agrias butterfly, Centipede, Cicada shell, Scorpion, Snail, Tarantula, Barreleye, Betta, Bitterling, Blue marlin, Char, Football fish, Giant snakehead, Giant trevally, Mahi-Mahi, Mitten crab, Nibble fish, Pike, Piranha, Ranchu goldfish, Saddled bichir, Sea butterfly, Snapping turtle, Stringfish, Sturgeon, Tuna, Yellow perch
LF: Gold nuggets, Shattered glasses, Rusted parts, Cherry blossom petals, Fish-print tee, Winter-solstice sweater, Mom's knapsack (colorful quilt design, flowers), Mom's handmade apron (forest print, animals, family, flowers, fruits), Spider doorplate
LF Real only Redd artwork: Graceful painting, Scenic painting, Jolly painting, Scary painting, Solemn painting, Wild painting left half, Wild painting right half, Detailed painting, Motherly statue, Beautiful statue, Robust statue, Rock-head statue, Familiar statue, Warm painting, Sinking painting, Calm painting, Worthy painting, Nice painting, Proper painting, Mysterious painting (the italicized artwork will always be real)
LF Real or fake Redd artwork: Moving painting, Warrior statue, Ancient statue, Gallant statue, Valiant statue
LF any Gullivearr items, especially: Hula doll, Silk Hat, Sombrero, Tubeteika, Geisha wig (green, black), Moai statue, Stonehenge, Dala horse, Lucky cat, Pyramid, Pirate-treasure crown, Pirate-treasure robe, Pirate-ship cannon, Pirate-treasure chest, Pirate Barrel (NOT sideways), Pirate beard
LF clothing (if I'm not looking for a color, I can probably trade you it): Back-bow socks (white, blue), Balmacaan coat (navy blue, beige), Boa parka (gray, green, purple), Bold muumuu (pink, navy blue), Cheerleading uniform (pink), Cleats (green, light blue, blue), Cold-country bunad (red, green, blue), Color-blocked socks (beige, white, pink), Cyber suit (yellow), Diner uniform (pink), Dollhouse dress (pink), Down ski jacket (navy&red, red&yellow), Dreamy pants (pink), Faux-fur skirt (pink), Gingham picnic shirt (green), Geometric-print pants (blue, red, orange), Giant ribbon (black, white), Hanten jacket (purple, dark blue), Henley shirt (mustard), Hula top (orange, purple, beige), Long chenile cardigan (mustard), Power suit (blue), Reindeer sweater (green, brown), Shawl-and-dress combo (black), Ski goggles (purple, orange, pink), Skiwear (any but red, ruby red), Soccer socks (red), Straw pochette, Stylish jumpsuit (black), Surfing shorts (purple, green), Terry-cloth shorts (pink), Tiger-face tee dress (yellow), Tropical muumuu (white, pink, mint, blue)
LF furniture: Analog kitchen scale (ivory, black), Anthurium plant (light blue, black), Antique chair (natural, black), Antique clock (brown, natural), Antique console table (brown, natural), Antique table (brown, natural), Antique vanity (brown, natural, black), Baby bear (choco, checkered, tweed), Barbecue (red, white, black), Beach chair (yellow), Box corner sofa (pink, orange, navy blue, magenta), Box sofa (pink, orange, navy blue, magenta, white), Candy machine (pink), Cute chair (white), Cute sofa (white), Cute wardrobe (white), Espresso maker (white), Heart doorplate (pink), Kitchen island (light brown), Macrame tapestry (white), Monstera (brown), Pot rack (wooden)
LF Nook miles furniture: Teacup ride (pastel - I can trade "cool")
LF posters: Kerokerokeroppi, Leif, My Melody
FT DIYs: Basement flooring, Birdbath x2, Bonfire, Boomerang x2, Butter churn, Cardboard bed x2, Cardboard sofa x4, Cardboard table, Cherry hat x2, Cherry lamp x3, Cherry rug, Cherry umbrella x2, Classic pitcher x2, Classic-library wall, Clothesline x2, Floral swag x2, Garden rock, Gold armor x2, Gold helmet, Golden arowana model x3, Golden dishes x3, Grass skirt x2, Grass standee, Green grass skirt x2, Green-leaf pile x2, Hedge standee x2, Honeycomb flooring, Honeycomb wall x5, Iron armor x2, Iron garden chair x2, Ironwood chair, Ironwood dresser, Jungle flooring, Jungle wall x2, Knitted-grass backpack x2, Large cardboard boxes, Leaf x3, Leaf umbrella x2, Light bamboo rug x2, Log bed, Log bench, Log garden lounge, Log stool, Mum cushion, Music stand, Natural square table, Orange end table, Orange hat, Orange rug x2, Orange umbrella x3, Orange wall x3, Pansy table x2, Paw-print doorplate x3, Peach hat, Peach wall x2, Pear dress, Pear hat, Pear umbrella, Pear wall, Pond stone x3, Rocking horse x2, Sandy-beach flooring x2, Shell arch, Shell partition, Shell rug x2, Shell table, Sleigh x2, Small cardboard boxes, Steel-frame wall, Stone table x2, Tiki torch, Traditional straw coat, Trophy case x2, Tulip surprise box, Underwater flooring x2, Underwater wall x3, Water flooring x2, Water pump x2, Western-style stone, Wild-wood wall, Wooden bookshelf, Wooden bucket, Wooden end table x3, Wooden simple bed x2, Wooden stool x2, Wooden table, Wooden table mirror x3, Wooden toolbox x2, Wooden-block bed x3, Wooden-block chest x3, Wooden-block wall clock, Wooden-knot wall, Wooden-mosaic wall x2, Woodland wall, Spooky lantern set x2, Purple hyacinth wreath
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2020.10.30 01:23 geo_rule SPACs and Going Private by Merger with Another Private Company

To me, that whole discussion was way too long and carefully explained to be entirely random of the "we have no reason to think something like this could happen, but, y'know, in theory this kind of thing has happened to OTHER companies once in awhile."
I'm just not buying that explanation. It sounds to me like they have one or more fish on the line who are kicking the tires and actively negotiating what the parameters would be.
What do you all think? I know we've discussed Going Private here many times, but usually in the context of management and a few big shareholders like the Farhi's stealing us blind to do a new IPO a year or so later for billions and billions while "Retail Got None".
This looks like something different, so far as I can tell.
Companies adopting automotive lidar sensors are trying to address a market which includes traditional OEMs focused on active safety systems and new companies focused on Mobility as a Service. OEMs are preparing to transform their future business with fleets including a larger portion of fully electric vehicles that offer enhanced safety features as well as expanding safety features in their traditional fleet. This is analogous to the introduction of airbags which eventually arrived in every car, with the help of regulation, by showing the benefits to safety. There is also a new emerging segment being driven by privately held AI software technology companies focused on autonomous driving to deliver Mobility as a Service. Using autonomous vehicles, Mobility as a Service companies are endeavoring to change ride sharing, long-haul transportation, and last mile delivery services and their impact on consumer and business to business transactions. Both these market segments will need a suite of sensors ranging from lidar, radar, camera modules and ultra-sonic sensors to achieve these goals.
Another important validation of this opportunity appears as we start to see stand-alone lidar companies go public through Special Purpose Acquisition Company deals. These lidar companies have invested in development and are expanding with large talented teams as stated in their public filings. These new companies are addressing multiple market segments with revenues greater than $100 million annually with expectation of significant growth in the future. They have also publicly stated that they expect to invest in developing their technology for years to come at high levels of expenses in their foreseeable futures. Even with the high required investment ahead and associated risks, these new lidar companies are valued at market capitalization in the multiple billion-dollar range.
?We believe MicroVision is well positioned to impact this segment with our automotive lidar technology and IP. Current lidar sensors in the market have limitations in meeting specifications required by targeted OEM and Mobility companies. These companies expect lidar sensors to deliver 200 meter detection range, low angular resolution which requires high density point cloud, wide fields of view, capable of operating in full sunlight, small size that can blend into car styling, meet automotive reliability for 15 year of operational lifetime, provide velocity data of objects within the field of view and be price competitive at scale. Most sensors on the market today are primarily mechanical scanners with a small handful using other techniques. The cost structure, size and performance of the products on the market do not meet current or future trajectory of requirements.
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2020.10.29 20:15 shanabailey Products that I did NOT add to database today - sorted by popularity (29.10.2020)
Products that I did NOT add to database today (the list has been sorted by wishlist count (favourites)). Check image compilation: . If you want to add an item to Couponsfromchina database, then click on "Add Product" button on
-1- ✔️ [CN,CZ] 72 Colors Mark Pen Design Paint Sketch Markers Drawing Soluble Pen Cartoon Graffiti Art Markers Pens
〽️ Price: $59.99
🔓 Coupon: BGMP175
-2- ✔️ [CN] SQ-D60 60W Digital Soldering Iron Station DC12-24V Type-C Interface 100\u2103-400\u2103 Adjustable Temperature
👉 Price: $26.99
🎯 Coupon: BGRSSQD60
-3- ✔️ [CN] 3S 40A Li-ion Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board PCB BMS For Drill Motor 11.1V 12.6V Lipo Cell Module With Balance
👉 Price: $2.99
🎯 Coupon: BG29PRO
-4- ✔️ [CN] Men RFID Antimagnetic Wallet Genuine Leather 12 Card Slots Vintage Double Zipper Coin Bag
💰 Price: $15.99
📌 Coupon: BGQB154
-5- ✔️ [CN] UV400 Vintage Steampunk Round Mirror Lens Sunglasses Outdoor Sport Hisper Eyewear For Man Women
📍 Coupon: BG640874
-6- ✔️ [CN] HeHengDa Toys H6 2.4G 2 In 1 Electric RC Deformation Motorcycle Drone WIFI Control Car RTR Model
Price: $41.61
🎯 Coupon: BGH6RCModel
-7- ✔️ [CN] Rastar 1/18 2 In 1 RC Car Wireless Sports Transformation Robot Model Deformation Truck Fighting Toy
🚨 Price: $15.19
✏️ Coupon: BG20Rastar
-8- ✔️ [CN] Keyless Entry Engine Push Start Alarm System PEPS Remote Starter Stop Anti-theft for 12V Car SUV
💲 Price: $50.99
✏️ Coupon: BG1574731
-9- ✔️ [CN] UN201 Mini Handheld Portable USB Charging Inhale Nebulizer Ultrasonic Inalador Nebulizador For Children Adult
🔹 Price: $16.99
🎯 Coupon: BGOCFO522
-10- ✔️ [CN] 1/2/4Pcs 120LED Solar PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light Outdoor Garden Street Security Light Waterproof
💲 Price: $12.74
🔖 Coupon: BGSOLAR3681
-11- ✔️ [CN] E-Global M3 Mini pc Intel Core I7 4500U Barebone Fanless Intel HD Graphics 4400 Windows 10 Computer 2.4GHz 4K HTPC WiFi HDMI VGA
⭕️ Price: $169.99
-12- ✔️ [CN] Men Vibrator Sex Toys Trainer 10 Gears Male Masturbator Delay Ejaculation Stimulate Glans Vibrating Massager Pussy
🥇 Price: $14.49
✏️ Coupon: BGCUP88
-13- ✔️ [FR] Bigin Portable Electric Ceramic Heater Quickly Heat-up Heater for Indoor Office Bedroom
🔹 Price: $23.99
❤️ Coupon: BGECHQFR
-14- ✔️ [CN] 1280W 35000min Electric Hand Trimmer Wood Laminator Router Edge Joiners Set
🔹 Price: $56.99
❤️ Coupon: BGC743
-15- ✔️ [CZ] NETUM S2 2.4G Wireless 1D Barcode Scanner 50m Laser Light USB Wired Wireless 1D Scanner Reader Portable For Windows
⭕️ Price: $19.99
✏️ Coupon: BGCZ074
-16- ✔️ [CN] Geekcreit® Micro USB 3.7v 3.6V 4.2V 1A 18650 TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger Module Charging Board Li-ion Power Supply Board
〽️ Price: $1.66
👉 Coupon: BGTP4056
-17- ✔️ [CN] Digital Magnetic Z Axis Tool Dial Zero Pre Setter Gage Offset CNC Metric Inch 0.01mm/0.0005" Magnetic Welding Locator
💰 Price: $36.99
🏆 Coupon: BG25101
-18- ✔️ [CN,USA,UK,HK,FR,AU,GWTR,RU,ES,CZ,AE,BR] Women Men Vintage Canvas Satchel Shoulder Bag Messenger Travel Bag
⏳ Coupon: BG433550
-19- ✔️ [CN,CZ] QiLi QL-C120 120 Colors Wood Colored Pencils Artist Painting Oil Color Pencil For School Drawing Sketch Drawing Art Supplies Stationery
💣 Price: $22.99
🔓 Coupon: BGQC717
-20- ✔️ [CN] Headphone Stand with Wireless Fast Charging USB2.0/3.0 Charging Port Table Organizer
👉 Price: $19.99
-21- ✔️ [CN] Zingo Racing 9115B 1/32 2.4G RWD Mini Electric RC Car LED Light Off-Road Vehicles RTR Model
💥 Price: $20.24
👉 Coupon: BG9115B
-22- ✔️ [CN] Bakeey 2 In 1 NFC-enabled bluetooth V5.0 Audio Transmitter Receiver 3.5mm Aux RCA Wireless Audio Adapter For TV PC Headphone Car Stereo System Home Sound System
🚨 Price: $8.99
Coupon: BGNFCAudio
-23- ✔️ [CN] DEDAKJ AC110V / 220V DDT-2A 230W 2L-9L Oxygen Concentrator Generator Oxygen Making Machine Home Use Oxygen Generating Machine
💥 Price: $319.99
▪️ Coupon: BGPLTLEN1
-24- ✔️ [CZ] LOCTEK Single/ Dual Monitor Bracket Arms Monitor Mount Desktop Computer Stand 360 Degrees Rotating for 17- 32 inch Computer
🥇 Price: $25.99
📍 Coupon: BGMLOIUU
-25- ✔️ [CN] 18V 125mm 10800min Brushless Cordless Rechargeable Electric Circular Saw Adapted To 18V Makita Battery
Price: $59.99
🔓 Coupon: BGsaw001
-26- ✔️ [CN] IGRLACE ES300 3-in-1 Automatic Cleaning Robot Cleaner Touch Smart Vacuum Cleaner
💥 Price: $39.99
✏️ Coupon: BGCNRLE3
-27- ✔️ [CZ] ScreenBar E-Reading LED Task Lamp Asymmetric lighting with USB Control Cold Warm Colors LED Work Light USB Powered Office Lamp Monitor Laptop
🎯 Coupon: BGHU0109
-28- ✔️ [CN] 30-50 \u2103 Electric Hooded Heated Coat USB Winter Heating Jacket Temperature Control
🥇 Price: $53.99
Coupon: BGHHC12
-29- ✔️ [CN,USA,UK,HK,FR,AU,GWTR,RU,ES,CZ,AE,BR] Women's Color-Block Casual Knitted Hats
💣 Price: $10.99
⏳ Coupon: BGD63925
-30- ✔️ [CN] Mecool KM3 ATV S905X2 4GB LPDDR4 64GB Android 10.0 5G WIFI BT4.0 Voice Control 4K HDR TV Box Google Certificated Support 4K Youtube Prime Video
🔹 Price: $77.99
📍 Coupon: BGKM311
-31- ✔️ [CN] 21V 2000W Brushless Cordless Leaf Blower 58000mAh Li-ion Battery Vacuum Cleaner Leaves Sweeper
Price: $48.99
▪️ Coupon: BGSE349
-32- ✔️ [CN] LyRay S15 5V Double UV Phone Sterilization Machine Box Jewelry Phones Sterilizer Eyeglasses Cleaner Tool
💲 Price: $25.99
🖍 Coupon: BGCNLRYS15
-33- ✔️ [CN] 15 Degree Raised Pet Bowls Cats Food Water Feeder Plastic Tilted Elevated Bowl for Pets Care
💲 Price: $9.99
🔖 Coupon: BGOCFO097
-34- ✔️ [CN] DC 24V Brushless Solar Powered Screw 3 Inch Deep Well Submersible Water Pump with External Controller
🚨 Price: $213.2
🔓 Coupon: BG56081
-35- ✔️ [CN] WATER LIVE Free Force 10.6x33x6inch Surfboard 15-18PSI Max Load 105kg Water Sports SUP Board Stand Up Paddle
〽️ Price: $389.99
🖍 Coupon: BGLIVE
-36- ✔️ [CN] Multi-functional Toilet Storage Shelf 360 Degrees Rotating Bathroom Corner Storage Rack Cabinet
Price: $26.99
-37- ✔️ [CN] ALMIGHTY EAGLE 11 in 1 Multi-function Folding Portable EDC Tool Bottle Opener Sharp Pocket Multitool Pliers Saw Knife Blade Screwdriver Indoor and Outdoor Tools
📉 Price: $11.99
📍 Coupon: BGOCFO608
-38- ✔️ [CN] Pocket Pussy Girl Vagina Real Pussy Sex Toys Male Masturbador Realistic Silicone Artificial Vagina For Man Adult Toy
Price: $6.99
🖍 Coupon: BG5891
-39- ✔️ [CN] Men EDC Genuine Leather Retro 5.5 6.5 Inch Phone Holder Waist Belt Bag
🎯 Coupon: BGYB169
-40- ✔️ [CN,USA,UK,HK,FR,AU,GWTR,RU,ES,CZ,AE,BR] Men Genuine Leather Pancake Style EDC Trapper Multitool Sheath Tool Bag Waist Bag
Price: $17.99
🎯 Coupon: BGF90250
-41- ✔️ [CN] Mrosaa Universal Slow-Close Toilet Seat Covers PP Board White U Type Replacement Toilet Seat Lids
〽️ Price: $32.99
📍 Coupon: BGZAXCAA01
-42- ✔️ [CN] 40-60\u2103 Electric Heated Waistcoat 5 Zone Heating Jacket USB Warm Up Cloth Winter Body Warmer
💰 Price: $19.99
Coupon: BGHV2020
-43- ✔️ [CN] YUWELL YU360 AC220V Oxygen Concentrator Portable Oxygen Generator Home Oxygen Machine Homecare Medical Equipment
💣 Price: $279.99
🔖 Coupon: BGYU360
-44- ✔️ [CN] Baseus Rewashable Steam Eye Mask Adjustable Eye Mask Patches Comfortable Blindfold for Travel Shift Work Night Sleeping Nap
💣 Price: $6.99
📌 Coupon: BGOCFO079
-45- ✔️ [CN] BULLCAPTAIN Genuine Leather First Layer Leather Business Casual Automatic Buckle Belt Leather Belt For Men
💲 Price: $15.99
🎯 Coupon: BGPD1029
-46- ✔️ [CN] Liangpw ty pro5 Surface Pro Connector to USB Charging Cable for Type-C to Surface Pro3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Laptop Power Supply 12V / 15V 2.58A
Price: $6.99
-47- ✔️ [CN] MARK RYDEN MR8109 Single Inclined Laptop Shoulder Bag Men's Multilayer Oxford Waterproof Multifunctional Postman Bag for Student
👉 Price: $23.99
-48- ✔️ [CZ] Portable Toilet Camping Toilet Commode Indoor Outdoor Home Travel Elderly
📉 Price: $51.99
🔑 Coupon: BGZADAAS84
-49- ✔️ [CN] LED Light Strip 50/100/150/200cm RGB 5050SMD LED Strip Light Battery Operated Waterproof 3 Modes Color Change
🚨 Price: $7.99
❤️ Coupon: BGD24844
-50- ✔️ [CN] INQMEGA 1080P VB601 Video Baby Monitor Wireless LCD Babysitter 2 Way Audio Night Vision Temperature Monitoring Security Nanny IP Camera
🔹 Price: $39.99
Coupon: BGOCFO900
-51- ✔️ [CN] URUAV UR7 Pro FPV Packbag Outdoor Waterproof Backpack &Lipo Storage Bag for RC FPV Racing Drone
〽️ Price: $59.99
Coupon: BGUR7PRO
-52- ✔️ [CN] Xiaomi Smart WIFI Water Leak Sensor Wireless IP67 Works with Mijia APP Leakage Alarm Detector Flood Water Sensor Detection for Home Safe
🔓 Coupon: BGZASDDW51
-53- ✔️ [CN] Laptop Sleeve Carry Case Cover Bag Waterproof For Macbook AiPro HP 11" 13" 15" Notebook
🚨 Price: $12.99
-54- ✔️ [CZ] DouxLife DL-CS01 3in1 Design Coat Rack Shoe Stool With Metal Frame for Home Entry Storage Industrial Style Furniture Supplies
💰 Price: $36.99
🔓 Coupon: BGCZCS01
-55- ✔️ [CZ] DouxLife DL-ST01 Notebook Table C Shape Design Metal Frame Sofa Table for Coffee Laptop TV Tray Home Office Supplies
👉 Price: $19.99
Coupon: BGCZST01
-56- ✔️ [CN] Vaydeer FXMQ001 USB Wired Computer Automatic Mouse Movers Square Anti Dormant Device Analog Driveless
🔹 Price: $15.99
-57- ✔️ [CN] MIUI JE-B03B-AC Mini Automatic Juicer 220V/50Hz 250W 7-segment Spiral Networkless Technology Large Diameter for Kitchen
🔹 Price: $149.99
-58- ✔️ [CN] Adult Adjustable Humpback Sitting Body Posture Corrector Wellness Healthy Brace Back Belt Posture Corrector
Price: $7.99
📍 Coupon: BGMMS
-59- ✔️ [CN] DOMINANT Professional Golf Three Wheeled Trolley Golf Bag Cart Outdoor Sports Golf Pitch Tool Supplies
💣 Price: $179.99
📍 Coupon: BGGOLFS
-60- ✔️ [CZ] Douxlife DL-ET02 2 Layers Round Table Desk Industrial Side Table Coffee Tea Table Organizer Racks with Adjustable Foot Pad for Living Room Bedroom
Price: $23.99
✂️ Coupon: BGCZET02
-61- ✔️ [CZ] Douxlife DT-NS01 Bedside Cabinets Industrial Night Stand Storage Table Organizer Racks Wood with Adjustable Foot Pad for Living Room Bedroom
⭕️ Price: $26.99
▪️ Coupon: BGCZNS01
-62- ✔️ [CN] 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Colorful Handwriting Lock-Key Graphic Tablet Students Hand-painted Design Small Blackboard for Kids Christmas Gifts
💲 Price: $6.49
-63- ✔️ [CN] 1/14 2.4G RWD 30km/h RC Car Vehicles Models High Speed Off-Road Truck Kid Children Toys
⭕️ Price: $45.89
-64- ✔️ [CN] Cotton Smith Electric Heating Scarf Graphene Heating Multifunctional Protect Waist Belt USB Rechargeable 3 Modes Washable Neckerchief Plush Collar
Price: $19.99
-65- ✔️ [CN] TENGOO Mens Winter Warm Full Face Hats With Face Mask Travel Scarf Anti-haze Earflap Hat For Snow Ski Winter Sport Caps
💰 Price: $12.99
✂️ Coupon: BGDM29
-66- ✔️ [CN] VOLKEN 3Cr13 Folding Knife Multi EDC Pocket Survival Tools High Hardness Military Tactical Knife for Camping Travel Sports Outdoor
〽️ Price: $7.99
📌 Coupon: BGG20676
-67- ✔️ [CN] Hipee Smart Posture Correction Device Realtime Scientific Back Posture Training Monitoring Corrector from XIAOMI Youpin Adult
💰 Price: $19.90
🏆 Coupon: BGPC064
-68- ✔️ [CN] 220V UV Shoe Dryer Deodorization Sterilizer Fast Heat Shoe Heater Portable Timing Boot Shoes Baked Dehumidify Shoe Dryer
🥇 Price: $6.40
Coupon: BGZADSWE76
-69- ✔️ [CN] iMars CH-S1 12V 2-8KW Car Parking Diesel Air Heater Adjustable Hot Remote Control LCD Display For Truck SUV Bus RV Boats
〽️ Price: $179.99
⏳ Coupon: BG17277
-70- ✔️ [CN] Electric Wireless Smart Neck Massager TENS Pulse Relieve Neck Pain Rechargeable 4 Head Vibrator Heating Cervical Massage Health Care
🚨 Price: $12.99
⏳ Coupon: BGCW0704
-71- ✔️ [CN] Hipee Smart Posture Correction Device Realtime Scientific Back Posture Training Monitoring Corrector from XIAOMI Youpin Child
👉 Price: $19.90
📍 Coupon: BGPS064
-72- ✔️ [USA,UK] 17.55x8.58x8.39in Folding BBQ Grill Stove Stainless Barbecue Charcoal Grill Outdoor Camping BBQ Patio Vacation
⭕️ Price: $16.99
Coupon: BGUSB25
-73- ✔️ [CN] Sunnylife Universal Remote Controller Holder for Bicycle Suitable for DJI Mavic Mini/Mavic 2/Mavic pro/Mavic Air
💣 Price: $17.99
▪️ Coupon: BGH11Q
-74- ✔️ [CZ] Unknown name
💲 Price: $23.99
❤️ Coupon: BGCZCR01
-75- ✔️ [CZ] Unknown name
👉 Price: $22.99
🎯 Coupon: BGCZST02
-76- ✔️ [CN] 120W Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner 4500Pa Powerful Suction Lightweight Wet Dry Dual-use Cleaning
Price: $16.99
📌 Coupon: BGCNPHCA
-77- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 19st LEGION GHOST UNITED Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
💣 Price: $55.99
💎 Coupon: BGJOY235
-78- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 Starhawk 7th Army Blackhawk Fleet Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
⭕️ Price: $55.99
▪️ Coupon: BGJOY239
-79- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 45st LEGION Wasteland Hunter Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
💲 Price: $51.59
🎯 Coupon: BGJOY282
-80- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 DESERT SKULL FIELD SQUAD Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
Price: $64.79
📍 Coupon: BGJOY284
-81- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 Skeleton Forces Double Sickle SQUAD Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
💣 Price: $53.59
🔖 Coupon: BGJOY285
-82- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Central Intelligence Agency South African Bounty Hunter Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
⭕️ Price: $24.39
🔖 Coupon: BGJOY296
-83- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:18 CrossFire Zero Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
〽️ Price: $29.19
🔖 Coupon: BGJOY297
-84- ✔️ [CN] JOYTOY Action Figure Multi-joint Scale 1:25 STEEL BONE H-05 Heavy firepower MECHA(gray) Figure New Toy for Collectible Toys
Price: $67.19
📌 Coupon: BGJOY301
-85- ✔️ [CN] EMS Electric Smart Acupuncture Mat USB Charging Massage Cushion Vibration Pulse Foot Massager Multifunction Pedicure Machine
💵 Coupon: BG510B24
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-91- ✔️ [CN] TANGCOOL 28L Men Waterproof Backpack 15.6inch Business Laptop Bag High Capacity Schoolbag Pack For Outdoor Sport Travel
⭕️ Price: $38.99
🎯 Coupon: BGTBB26
Compilation image:
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2020.10.27 17:02 Coral_Anne_Dawn On Since We Bury The Important Stuff: Here's an Extraction from the Seven Years Thread: Stellar Bolus Ejecta Events

We will delete this Thread at some point but from the Seven Years Thread
We recommend you read in "Old" Order Our Threads.
Solar Bolus Eject Event also Stellar Bolus Eject Event : Part The First
0 A Reprise: Betelguese had a recent SBEE where 25% of His Mass was Ejected as a Stellar Boli. Ejecta Events occur because Explosive (Exothermic) Elements such as Plutonium (and we won't go into detail here) and Uranium and Francium are Produced by Stellar Processes and there are Ejecta Events all The time. We Will Relink or Post as an Exhibit a Universe of Arizonia page on Sigmoids: which are small Stellar Boli (small bits of the Solar Soup as Dr. Carl Sagan, might say) and again, they happen all the time. Medium Boli are not as Rare as you would hope (see a later point), Large Boli are Rare but not as rare as too many hope, Extra-Large (Jovian Size) Boli are very Rare - the Last One was 250 Million Years Ago (more in a later point: but that was The Permian-Triassic Extinction Level Event).
2 Solar Boli impact in the upper atmosphere (The Carrington Event) or on the Ground (The Tunguska Event) and they do damage everywhere, in addition to the Quasi-EMP a Boli can send out destroying the Power Grid, upper troposphere impacts destroy the Ozone Layer. The Hole in the Antarctic Ozone Cover is due mostly to Solar Boli Impacts, also to the weakened Southern Magnetic Pole, the Nature of the Earth's Path through Space that make The Antarctic more susceptible to Smaller to Middling Boli than the North. This depletion of the Ozone is part of a Long Systemic Catastrophic Failure going on around the World that is reducing Oxygen: Destruction of Rain Forests, Death of Phytoplankton in Oceans, Industrial Burning of O2 for Industrial Process that is Not Replaced. When you Burn Oxygen it Combines into a Plasma or Ash, the Plasma is a CO2 Plasma, which Plants can turn back into breathable 02, but see the first two points.
We Continue With More Points Following a Smoke Break in Which we too will make a small contribution to the destruction of O2 on this Planet. A Tragedy of the Commons that will not End Well for Anyone Still on the Planet when we are not wearing PPE gear but Oxygen Masks.
Coral Anne Dawn
permalink embed save parent edit disable inbox replies delete spam remove distinguish reply
[–]Coral_Anne_Dawn[S] 1 point 2 days ago
3 Evidence of Solar Boli abound in the Solar System and Explain otherwise inexplicable PhenomenaP: The Order of the Gas Giants. Every Gas Giant was formed by a Betelguese-Like Event: a Huge Expulsion of an Enormous Stellar Boli, which ejected at Escape Velocity, was always withing the Gravitational Pull of Sol and eventually got as far out as they could and became a Planet. We give the analogy of a Cannon Firing, at a 45 Degree Angle, Iron Balls of Different Masses: the Smallest Mass will go Furthest (Neptune/Uranus) the Larger Masses will Land Nearer In (JupiteSaturn).
Rocky Planets are also formed by Solar Boli but in a Much more complex Process (Sir Roger (Dr,) Penrose will have to Re-Evaluate His Equation for the Likelihood of Life on Earth or in The Universe, we think, and add some Zeros) because they careen around the Solar System, can even Escape the Solar System, Crash Into Each Other (and into the Gas Giants - but they Just Get Absorbed) and that's How the Moon was Formed, by a Moderate Stellar Boli of Heavier Elements - which appeared, according to current non-SBEE, non-Scientific Theories, Hundreds of Millions to a Billion Years after the Earth Formed - long after the Accretion (false) Theory of Planetary Formation Would Allow.
To be continued:
Coral Anne Dawn
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[–]Coral_Anne_Dawn[S] 1 point 2 days ago
4 Middling Stellar-Solar Bolus Eject Events Happen much more frequently than wishful thinkers Hope. We have mentioned Four since 1859: The Carrington Event (a large Hydrogen-Helium Bolus that Burned Part of the Atmosphere Over The Atlantic), The Tunguska Event in 1908 (a middling Helium-Heavier Element Bolus), The May 23, 1967 "Solar Storm" which was a Large Bolus that passed outside the Moon's Radius of Earth, but which Earth was Still within it's "Tail".
Some Strong Evidence for the Last are Rocky-Spikey-Not Very Eroded Meteorites and Rocks (Detritus and or Meteorites) on the Surface of Mars. As we all know, Mars has significant, serious, constant or near constant erosive forces: you can see this in the Erosion of Ancient Volcanoes. Wind Erosion should have reduced Old Rocks to Dust or Tiny Stone, so the Only explanation for the Massive amount of Only Slightly Eroded rocks on Mars is a Disturbance in the Asteroid Belt and or of Near-Earth Asteroids or Other Asteroids that resulted in Many Landing on Mars. Remember that Earth should have seen Meteors as Well, but most of those Burn Up. Mars would have seen the Most of the Rocky Planets.
Lastly, Shoemaker-Levy 9 (1994) was a Stellar Bolus which is why the Picture we will link to Later - shows something that does not look anything like a comet. It is unclear to us if this was a Larger Bolus that split, or several smaller Boli that were ejected all at the same time.
We finish up following and then will post some Links Later Today.
Coral Anne Dawn
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[–]Coral_Anne_Dawn[S] 1 point 2 days ago
5 Dead Zones. The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, exacerbated by The Deep Water Horizon Oil Disaster. Now extends to 7,000 and or More Square Miles (in the 1990s it was 400 or so Square Miles). The Dying of Starfish on The Pacific Coast, the Mass Dyoff of Hammerhead Sharks off The Galapagos, The Loss of Coral Reefs Worldwide, the ever increasing Mercury and Poisons in Swordfish and Other Top-Level Predator Fish, the Pacific Garbage Patch Keeps Growing and is now nearly Two Million Miles Wide and or Long (and we gather has split into Two).
We've posted pictures of Deep-Water Squids and or Octopi in Hawaii forced to Swim into Shallow Waters that can Kill Them in a few Days, due to the Lack of Food at their Natural Deepths.
So The Oceans are Dying, and When they're Gone, the SBEE will not be Survivable no matter How Deep Your Dwelling is in Virginia or California. Amen
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2020.10.26 21:32 EquippedThought WTT:WA Voyager, WA SLO (Feeler) MXR Analog Chorus, AP Car Crush Chorus and AP Fishing is Fun as Fuzz, Digitech Polara, Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster WTTF: BAT, Caroline, Neunaber Immerse mk1 or 2, distortion, EQD Westwood

Mainly looking for a reverb to potentially replace my Polara, fuzz, distortion and maybe a tape delay. But def willing to consider all offers of any kind
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2020.10.26 18:52 manifestsilence Grind Macros and DDR WoW

TL;DR - macros and keybindings to make grinding easier both physically and mentally, and plans to use a DDR dance pad to play.
So I might be a weirdo this way, but I actually usually like grinding more than quests. Other than a few really interesting ones or ones with cool rewards, I start to hate the endless sequence of variations of "kill ten boars" or "find this difficult to find NPC based on vague directions".
So although it's a bit sub-optimal for leveling speed, I tend to either do dungeons or just run around killing random stuff. Taking up skinning and herbalism helps this habit pay off more than otherwise.
I also have hand injuries, so to help the ergonomics of grinding and make it more of a chill zone-out activity, I've done some kind of fun macros and keybindings and wanted to share.
And then there's the holy grail, of DDR WoW and my plans to dance my way to cap!
I'm currently playing a priest and don't even have mind blast yet, plus might do holy for dungeons.
These macros are fairly applicable to other classes if you just switch out the specific abilities in the castsequences and change the number of seconds in the reset=8 modifiers.
Here goes:
Step 1 is the one-button kill stuff macro. I have two versions. The simple one works best for mobs my own level or lower, the complex one for when things get harder and fights are longer:
/cast [@mouseover,noharm,exists] power word: fortitude
/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [modifier:alt] berserking
/castsequence reset=8 smite, smite, !shoot
Here's the complex rotation:
/cast [@mouseover,noharm,exists] power word: fortitude
/cleartarget [dead]
/targetenemy [noharm]
/cast [modifier:alt] berserking
/castsequence reset=8 power word: shield, shadow word: pain, smite, smite, !shoot
For a given area, I bind one of those two to the Z key because it's at the bottom of the keyboard and so is easier to reach.
Next, how do you loot and skin stuff without having to touch the mouse and fish around for the corpse to right click? Without addons that I haven't installed/figured out yet, it takes two buttons:
I bind X to a macro with just:
This regains your target on the dead mob. Unfortunately it breaks for multi-pulls. This cannot be solved without an addon apparently.
Then I bind C in keybindings to Interact With Target and set Auto-Loot to On. This means that hitting X, C, X, C will retarget and loot and skin the last thing I killed.
Lastly, I bound my back arrow key to Toggle Autorun. Now, with fingers on just the bottom three arrow keys and ZXC, I can run around, target things, kill them, loot them, and skin them! Note that the Alt modifier being on Z means I had to change Toggle User Interface in Misc keybindings to Alt-X because otherwise Alt-Z makes all your buttons vanish...
As a bonus, the grind macros have a mouseover component that casts a buff instead if you're moused over a friendly, so that's the one time I'll grab the mouse other than if things go awry. They also have an Alt modifier that casts berserking since I'm a troll and that speeds things up once in a while.
With only six buttons to do the common grind, you could play with a game controller, but this brings me to the even more fun project - I'm getting ready to build a custom DDR pad. The reason it needs to be custom is a standard dance pad has only UDLR and I want the diagonals to work too. This would give me 8 buttons - the six I outlined above, plus two for cooldowns.
There are plans out there for using velostat, a plasticky material that when squished becomes less resistant to electricity. You sandwich it between copper tape, and if you step on it it acts like a switch. You have to wire them into an Arduino Leonardo board (they're like $20) because those can easily turn the analog resistances into keystrokes to send to the computer with a program someone wrote already:
The sensors all go on a big sheet of plywood, and will be covered with vinyl tiles to protect them. There are a lot of different designs with different details and costs, but that's the gist of what I am thinking of trying.
So that's the plan for fun and profit - Safety Dance WoW, for better fitness and ergonomics! Not recommended for group healing unless your group is way over-geared for the encounter!
I'd love to see your grind macros, keybindings, hardware hacks, etc. in the comments.
If you need me I'll be in Tirisfal, skinning all the bats and demon dogs...
submitted by manifestsilence to classicwow [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 16:22 Darthfuzzy Megathread: All Hail Zeta, the seventh storm in the Cone o' Funcertainty

As of 1pm CST on 10/28, Zeta is a Cat 2 with 100mph winds. The eye is projected to move over the greater New Orleans area. Landfall is expected sometime around 3-5pm on October 28th. Take precautions now and prepare for a stronger than anticipated hurricane to roll through. As always, please listen to local, state and national government officials on the actions and steps you need to take.

NOLAReady states that you should be prepared to SHELTER IN PLACE by 2pm today. Take this advice from local leaders. The 1pm update from NOAA shows that New Orleans will be taking a direct hit from the storm and winds are expected to reach 86-115MPH in the core of New Orleans.

This. This is my life now. Memes and Hurricanes.

What is Damp May Never Dry!

This post has been updated as of 10/28 @ 1pm; Check Comments for Track Updates - Updated on 10/28 @ 1pm
Another one. Are you fat from Cosmic Brownies yet? Too bad, go get more. I'd tell you to go and buy some stock in McKee Foods, but they're private. If they ever IPO, head on over to /wallstreetbets and throw tendies at them. I digress, this is a tropical depression megathread. Anyways, this scientologist-god sounding named storm called Zeta is rolling into the gulf and has put us back in the C O N E O F U N C E R T A I N T Y. Might as well put the entire US in the cone since the election is next week. P.S. Go vote if you haven't.
In order to make it easier and provide current information to individuals, please keep the conversations surrounding the storm to this thread. We are trying to consolidate the more serious conversations/information to this thread. This post is automatically set to sort by new. It is highly recommended that you sort comments by new given the changing environment.
For the time being, memes and funny-ish posts can be standalone posts. This is subject to change depending on how the situation evolves. Despite all the humor surrounding it, please take this event seriously and make plans based upon your needs.
Below is some general information/advice, but should not be taken as official recommendations. Please listen to local/national authorities in determining your next course of actions. I will try to update this post with current information when I can.
Once the storm gets closer to landfall, we will switch from this standalone post to the /TropicalWeather live thread as it's a great resource to get up to date information on the storm.
P.S. If you believe something should be appended/amended to this post, please let me know and I'll be happy to consider it.

What is happening?

Zeta, the sixth letter of the greek alphabet and more annoying sistebrothething to Cthulhu, has arisen from the seas and is now entering the Gulf. In what is most assuredly the worst prank ever by NOAA Meteorologists, New Orleans is enjoying it's 7th time in the Cone of Uncertainty.
Hurricane Zeta has a very high probability to hit New Orleans. Latoya did not activate the shield quick enough! Landfall is expected to be tomorrow evening with the storm quickly - and I mean quickly - going over New Orleans. The eye is anticipated to be above New Orleans around 3-5pm and gone by 12pm/1am.
Please prepare for a high strength Category 1 storm tomorrow (10/28) by mid-day.

Where can I get more information on projected paths, evacuation notices, and general preparation information?

As always, we recommend paying attention to local and national media forecasts. Here are some official government links for you to monitor:
And some local news sources as well:

I'm a weather junky and I need my fix, what do you recommend?

Again, please take advice of your local and national government when making decisions. However, like you, we like knowing what the Euro, GFS, UKMET, HMON, HWRF, COAMPS and Navy models are all doing at all times. For these people:
  • /TropicalWeather - Your favorite tropics subreddit!
  • Tropical Tidbits - Levi Cowan is providing some of the best analysis on storms out there. Please consider donating to his patreon.
  • Hurricane Watch Net - Amateur Radio Operators trained to provide emergency information when stuff goes HAM.
  • Mike's Weather Page - If you like seeing a website designed in the early 2000s with a bunch of hurricane graphics on one page, this is the spot for you.
  • NBC 15 Youtube Channel - Mobile is part of the Swampborn Krewe and they have Alan Sealls on the team, arguably one of the best Hurricane Meteorologists the South has. Highly recommend watching his daily videos (they get posted on /tropicalweather).
  • - Made by redditor Michael424242, similar to Mike's Weather Page, it's an aggregated dashboard of all the things.
  • Yale Climate Connections - Weather Underground used to maintain one of the best blogs called Category 6, after being bought by the Weather Channel, they shut it down. Jeff Masters has moved to the Yale Climate Connections being posted under "Eye on the Storm."

Should I evacuate?

Please refer to the above local/national section when making your evacuation plans. Every person's situation is different. Please begin making preparations 3-4 days out. We will attempt to monitor and post evacuation updates below. For a complete up to date list, please visit this WDSU link.
Mandatory Evacuations (As of 10/28):
Orleans Parish
Officials haven't declared any mandatory evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Jefferson Parish
  • Mandatory evacuation for campers, RVs and boats in Grand Isle starting at 11 a.m. Monday.
  • A mandatory evacuation for the town of Jean Lafitte, Lower Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria starting at 6am on Wednesday.
St. Bernard Parish
Officials haven't declared any mandatory evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Plaquemines Parish
Officials haven't declared any mandatory evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
St. Tammany Parish
Officials haven't declared any mandatory evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Terrebone Parish
Due to the potential of 2-4 feet of storm surge outside of the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District Morganza to the Gulf Levee System and the coastal areas of Terrebonne Parish by Hurricane Delta, Parish President Gordon Dove and Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet are calling for a mandatory evacuation of Zone 1 of Terrebonne Parish, effective at 10 a.m. Starting 10/28, ALL residents living in manufactured homes in Zone 2, which includes the communities of Lower Dularge, Dulac, Chauvin, Montegut and Pointe Aux Chene are under a mandatory evacuation.
Voluntary Evacuations (As of 10/28):
Orleans Parish
Voluntary evacuation for areas outside levees that include Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday.
Jefferson Parish
A voluntary evacuation is in effect for the town of Jean Lafitte, Lower Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria and will go into effect at 4pm on Tuesday. This has become a mandatory evacuation.
St. Bernard Parish
Officials haven't declared any voluntary evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Plaquemines Parish
Effective 8 a.m., Wednesday, October 28, 2020 Voluntary Evacuation will be ordered for the following areas:
  • The entire East Bank of Plaquemines Parish
  • West Bank of Plaquemines Parish from Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery to Venice.
St. Tammany Parish
Officials haven't declared any voluntary evacuations in this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Terrebone Parish
A voluntary evacuation of ONLY the Pointe-aux-Chenes area of Zone 2 effective at 10 a.m.

What schools will be closed?

Schools will likely be closed the day before the storm. Depending on the extent of the damage and various other factors (power, water, etc.) it's unknown for how long the schools will be closed for.
We recommend that you monitor your local parish's school district websites for up to date information on school closures. That being said, we'll post information as it becomes available. Please refer to this WWLTV article for up to date school closure information.
Please note, most of these notices apply to public schools. Most private institutions abide by the local Parish's closures, but please refer to your specific school for up to date information.
Additional Commentary: Sorry kids, it looks like 2020 has decided that schools will just go virtual instead of close! RIP Storm Days.
Orleans Parish
  • Public Schools will do virtual learning Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Catholic Schools will do virtual learning Wednesday.
  • University of Holy Cross (Closed Wednesday, TBA Thursday)
  • University of New Orleans (All classes will be online starting Wednesday)
  • St. Katharine Drexel Prep will do virtual learning Wednesday
  • SUNO will do virtual learning Wednesday
  • Delgado closed Wednesday no virtual learning either (whoa!)
  • Loyola will do virtual classes Wednesday. Thursday TBD.
  • NOCCA will close at 1 pm Wednesday, reopen at 1 pm Thursday
  • St. Katharine Drexel Prep will do virtual learning Wednesday
Jefferson Parish
  • Jefferson Parish schools to do virtual learning Wednesday, Thursday classes are cancelled.
  • Catholic schools will do virtual learning Wednesday
  • Concordia Lutheran (Closed Wednesday)
  • Ridgewood Prep closed Wednesday
St. Bernard Parish
  • St. Bernard Parish public schools will do virtual learning on Wednesday
  • Nunez Community College will do virtual learning Wednesday
Plaquemines Parish
  • Plaquemines Parish public schools will do virtual learning until further notice
St. Tammany Parish
  • St. Tammany Parish public schools will be closed Wednesday (Rare Storm Day!)
  • Northshore Technical Community College will do virtual learning Wednesday
  • St. Margaret Mary Catholic will conduct virtual learning Wednesday

Cat 3 then flee, otherwise I'm staying.

Cool. Good For You! Some people aren't so lucky and can't afford to stay. However, here's some general advice for those of us who are new to those whole hurricane thing:
  • Expect your power to go out. Entergy NOLA is a regulated monopoly and it's hot garbage. You should anticipate your power going out for up to a month in the middle of October (Maybe Sweater Weather).
  • Expect it to flood. If you're expecting the SWBNO to do their job, I have a bridge to sell you. Move your cars to the neutral ground or a high spot.
  • Wear your damn masks. THIS IS A 2020 COMBO SPECIAL!
  • Fill up your gas tanks. Or charge your electric car. Doesn't matter, just make sure you can leave if you need to.
  • Stock up on your essentials. Do this now. Do not wait. Cosmic Brownies will sell out.
  • Get cash from the ATM. What? You think credit cards and apple pay works during a power outage? Nope! Prepare to go analog and get some cold hard cash from the ATM. When you need to go to Schwegmann's to get some rice and beans, you'll be able to pay.
  • Get you and your pets medicines. This is often overlooked. If you have essential medical needs, get your refills now (this includes the good bois and cool cats and kittens).
  • Fill up your bathtub the night before. Boil advisories are expected and you will need water to flush the toilets.
  • Put bottled water in the freezer. Trust me on this one, fill your freezer to the MAX with water bottles. It will keep your freezer colder for longer and you'll have cool water during an extended power outage. Also, keep your fridge and freezer closed for as long as you can.
  • Charge your spare batteries. If you have external rechargeable batteries for your phones, charge them up now. This includes laptops as well - you can charge your phone with a laptop!
  • Turn around, don't drown. Do not be a dumbass and drive through high water. I don't care if your Tesla can float or if your F150 is lifted for her pleasure. Don't drive through high water.
  • GO VOTE EARLY! It's a late October surprise. Vote early so just in case the situation gets worse, you at least know you've done your civic duty, you patriot.

What should I buy?

/TropicalWeather has a fantastic mega-thread on this that we are stealing. We highly recommend visiting this link and making sure that you have all of these things in your household.
Also pop-tarts. All the pop-tarts. Brown sugar for life though.
New for October: C O S M I C B R O W N I E S

How much alcohol should I stock up on?


What about public transportation? Will it still be operational?

While a lot of people don't have reliable alternative transportation, always make sure you have a plan. In general, you shouldn't expect public transport to operate during a hurricane. Don't rely upon it. Make plans to move to a safe location or a shelteevacuation center prior to the storm.
Should you need evacuation notices and/or assistance, please review the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority's website for further information on public transportation and and out of the city in the event of a mandatory evacuation.
Update as of 10/27 from RTA:
In preparation for expected impacts of Hurricane Zeta, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority will suspend all bus, streetcar, and ferry services beginning at noon on Wednesday, October 28th. All transit operations will remain suspended until further notice and until it is deemed safe for service to resume.


I will be publishing some of the major parishes below. For a more complete up to date list, please refer to this article on WWLTV:
Orleans Parish
In partnership with the New Orleans City Council, the City of New Orleans will provide sandbags on Tuesday, Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (or until supplies last) at the following locations:
  • Arthur Monday Center, 1111 Newton St.
  • Dryades YMCA, 2220 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
  • Saint Maria Goretti Church, 7300 Crowder Blvd.
  • NOFD Engine 8, Desire and Law Streets
Jefferson Parish
Officials haven't provided any update for this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
St. Bernard Parish
Officials haven't provided any update for this parish yet. Stay tuned for updates.
Plaquemines Parish
Starting today, October 27, 2020, at 12 PM Noon parish-wide sandbag locations will be open. See below for sandbag locations. Residents should bring their own shovels.10 bags max. Bags will be provided. :
  • Plaquemines Parish Government Complex, PROWM Building (333 F. Edward Hebert Blvd, Belle Chasse, LA 70037)
  • Port Sulphur YMCA, 278 Civic Drive, Port Sulphur, LA 70083
  • Buras YMCA, 36342 Hwy 11, Buras, LA 70041
  • Boothville Area across from Boothville-Venice Elementary School
  • Davant Community Center, 15577 Hwy 15, Braithwaite, LA 70040
  • Braithwaite Auditorium, 1253 LA-39, Braithwaite, LA 70040
St. Tammany Parish
Sandbags will be available at six locations on Tuesday, Oct. 27 from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. People are asked to bring their own shovels. There will be help for the elderly or infirmed.
  • St. Tammany Government- Building - 21410 Koop Dr., Mandeville
  • Airport Road Barn - 34783 Grantham College Rd, Slidell, La
  • The Old Levee District Site - 61134 Military Road (Hwy 190) Slidell, La.
  • Fritchie Barn - 63119 Highway 1090 in Pearl River
  • Keller Barn - 63131 Fish Hatchery Road, Lacombe
  • Covington Barn - 1305 N. Florida Street, Covington

Can you sharpie this situation away?

Neither NOAA nor FEMA recommends this. It doesn't work.

What is Damp May Never Dry!

P.S. Check out the What is Damp May Never Dry Shirts if you haven't! Almost all the profits will be given to help SW Louisiana recover from Hurricanes Laura and Delta.
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2020.10.24 03:21 PuzzleheadedCharge4 Alliance Chapter 9

I know I know I should be studying, I promise I'll get back to work now....I hope you enjoy! Any criticism is appreciated, as always!

Dear Z’aa, who watches over homeworld Z’laya, defend us this day.
The Canirii were giving their report privately to the Lappa, as requested. Then, once their representatives had had a chance to prepare, they would proceed formally to the floor of the Council, and open debate before the galaxy.
By the end of today, they would know what they were facing.
Sorensen and H’laath were talking on the other side of the room, standing amidst a knot of human and Z’lask military officers. They got along very well, the UN and the High Command had both made an excellent choice. Both appeared calm, speaking quietly, neither tapping feet nor twitching tails. However, a Z’lask would notice that H’laath’s eyes were too bright for him to be truly relaxed, and Sorensen’s clawless fingers were absently flexing and straightening.
It was an interesting assignment they had ahead of them. Seeking to secure one’s rights was at once a deeply arrogant and profoundly humble enterprise. On the one claw, the two races were demanding a range of privileges and protections, pridefully dictating their entitlements. On the other claw, they truly were asking for nothing more than what they were owed; what every sentient being was owed. It remained to be seen which view the Council would take.
The commandant had been searching for an analog to today’s events in human history, to help him understand them. He had been unsuccessful. He still didn’t quite know what they were doing; if they were declaring their rights, and the rest of the Council refused them, then the only thing that remained was to take what they were owed by force. That was nature—bloody in tooth and claw. But two species, even if they were the humans and the Z’lask, could not hope to defeat the entire Galactic Council.
It was possible that the humans might simply take an unfavorable outcome, bow their heads meekly as he had seen Sorensen do, then carry on with their enterprises, as he knew his prisoners had done, until at last—and for humans that could be a long time—they were strong enough that they would not need to hide.
He had an irrational certainty—he believed the humans called such a thing faith—that the alliance could survive being dealt a severe blow by the Council. However, he was most anxious that it should not have to do so. He did not want the next generation of children and hatchlings to have to be taught such almost…dishonorable lessons. Even if it was endurable, it was not right.
So, he hoped that they—the humans and the Z’lask shared the same pronoun now—would win acceptance from the Council. He hoped that the Lappa would not make the mistakes his people had made. He knew far too well what the consequences of hastiness, of pride, of fear were. He had heard humans refer to such things as an “appointment in Samarra,” referring to a story about meeting one’s destiny on the road to flee it.
He hoped the Lappa would have wisdom.
That was how humans referred to the quality of being able to make the right decision. It was a quality that was very rare, the commandant thought ruefully. Yet it supported his irrational belief—his faith, he must remember to use the proper word—that he had seen both humans and Z’lask who he would not characterize as “wise” demonstrate flashes of wisdom. It was not outside the realm of possibility that the Lappa might act wisely today.
But if they do not, let us accept the consequences with honor.
A Lappa representative burst into the room, stubby legs pattering over the floor as she raced to cover her embarrassment at being the shortest one present. She came to a halt in front of Sorensen and H’laath, stretching to her full height so she could look down her nose officiously. “The Council screens all beings before permitting them onto the floor,” she began, her translator pin unable to mask the shrillness of her voice.
“For Z’lask,” she continued, producing a datascreen and scrolling through it. “We require that you bring only your service-issued sidearm onto the floor, and leave all other weapons behind. We require assurances that you will not speak unless expressly requested to do so by your designated representative, and we require that you refrain from attempting to use your stature or body language to intimidate or otherwise influence representatives or other visitors.”
“Of course,” H’laath rumbled, his eyes lit to show condescension, his tail curled to convey contempt.
“For humans,” the Lappa said, voice becoming somehow even more obstreperous. “We require that you disarm yourself completely before coming onto the floor. We require assurances that you will not speak, and we require that you regulate your body language so as not to distress sentients.”
H’laath’s eyes were brilliant as lasers. The commandant could feel his own brightening uncontrollably in response to this catalog of insults directed at his brother of blood.
Sorensen, however, appeared amused. “Of course,” she said, and smiled softly. The Lappa flinched at the thin glimpse of the mammal’s outsized teeth, and the commandant sighed inwardly.
He believed that was the name for a diminutive Earth mammal that made itself pestilential through its enterprising digging of tunnels.
He knew that this was Sorensen’s way of testing her opponent’s weakness—no one could reasonably object to her behavior, which at its face value was friendly, even gentle. But it very clearly conveyed that the human was capable of effective resistance even within the confines of the stringent rules the Lappa had staked their hopes upon.
How perfectly human, to turn a gesture of compliance into such a statement of defiance.
The Lappa was clearly thinking along the same lines. “That body language is very offensive to other species,” she snapped, tapping rapidly on her datascanner.
“I’m so sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to frighten you. Where I come from, it would have been friendly.” Sorensen appeared sincere.
The Lappa huffed and tried to stand up straighter. “I didn’t say anything about being frightened!” She said, voice even shriller. H’laath winced ostentatiously. “I said it was offensive! You should have known better!”
Sorensen smiled without showing any teeth. “Of course,” she said, laying just enough stress on the words that they were not obviously sarcastic. The Lappa flushed to a deep gray, plainly furious, and equally plainly unable to think of anything to do about it. She whirled around and stomped for the door. “It was lovely meeting you,” Sorensen called to her retreating form. The Lappa twitched but did not respond.
As soon as she was out of sight H’laath burst into laughter. “Oh, you must teach me how to say one thing while saying another,” he said happily, tail cracking back and forth with delight.
“I’m not so good at it,” Sorensen said modestly. “Get one of the diplomats to teach you—they could sell water to a Fish.”
“I just hope they can sell our alliance to the Council,” the commandant said, feeling he should rein in the other two before something was detonated.
“Yeah,” Sorensen responded, staring off at a spot on the wall where no one was standing. H’laath’s eyes dimmed, and the commandant supposed both were thinking of the price that might have to be paid otherwise.
Particularly galling was the knowledge that the decision was being made by individuals who had no idea what a plasma burn victim looked like, had never woken from a nightmare with the ripping bang of bulkheads letting go echoing in their ears.
The commandant knew that one of the reasons the humans had survived all three of their Cold Wars was because both sides had always had an understanding of what an open fight between them would mean; how no winners could emerge from such hellish destruction. That understanding was what had ultimately made the Armistice possible—it had made them know that their pride was not worth all they felt it was.
Can the Lappa understand?
“What is this music called?” he asked, referring to the song playing softly in the background to distract himself. The humans had had music on since their arrival, they knew what an indispensable tool it was for them.
“It’s a ‘weeping violin.’” Sorensen answered him. “It’s a something composers sometimes try to do, to make an instrument sound as much like a human crying as possible. They’re playing it now because this galaxy has made us weep. They played ‘Ode to Joy’ to show how happy we can be, how happy we are to be joining this union. They played ‘Starlight’ to represent our first journey to the stars, how far we’ve traveled into them. Now they’re playing ‘Lament for Eden IV,’ to remind everyone what we are. Everyone here hears the name ‘human’ and thanks to the work of the Lappa they picture a bloodthirsty beast. Maybe now when they hear our name they’ll remember this, and it will cross their minds that the remorseless do not weep.”
“Why in the galaxy,” H’laath grumped. “Must we show them our pain? It’s undignified.”
“Shouldn’t it provoke sympathy? Isn’t that something all these…people are supposed to be so good at? Sym-pathos, same feeling? Sympathy?” One of the other human captains, a dark-eyed female the commandant believed surnamed Herrera, countered.
“Do we want sympathy?” Another inquired dubiously, clicking the fingers of his mechanical arm with an impressive degree of dexterity.
“We had damn well better get some, otherwise we’ll get their boot heels.” This pessimistic prediction from a captain whose name evidently was Hoppas.
“Why are we even bothering again? Why do we always have to go straight for the one thing that seems bent on biting us?” The individual with the prosthetic continued to complain.
“Don’t you know how dogs and cats started out?” The captain standing next to him asked, in an absentminded, almost vague, tone of voice.
“Isn’t this strange,” Sorensen was squinting. “Humans think letting others see them cry is a terrible sign of weakness, so we conceal it to keep ourselves safe. But it’s turning out that showing it is doing better for us that hiding it ever did. Funny the way things keep working out like that; take what you expect, turn it on its head. Y’know, I think the guy who said that Man was the animal who laughed at himself was right.”
“How’s that?” Hoppas asked.
“To laugh at yourself, you have to have an appreciation for the contrast between the way things are, and the way things should be. That contrast is usually called irony, even if it is sincerely meant. So, humanity is the species of irony, in all its forms. Isn’t that wonderful.” Sorensen appeared very pleased with herself and her turn of phrase.
“When you say it is wonderful,” H’laath had his eyes brightened, trying to follow the serpentine conversation. “Do you mean that ironically, or sincerely?”
“Yes,” Sorensen told him. The exasperated Z’lask flung his tail in a wide arc and nearly bowled Herrera over.
“What are we doing,” someone grumbled. “This will never work.”
“Oh, this is driving me no end of crazy,” Hoppas said irritably. “You’re all overthinking—just act civilized. And if you can’t, then you have no business being here. Problems solved. And how long’d that take me? Five seconds? You people can’t see the forest for the trees: what if, what if, what if. By the time you get done agonizing so much time’s gone by it’s all moot anyway. You know, change of plans. You all go off to a broom closet somewhere, and you deliberate about what to do to your heart’s content. When you finish up, we’ll have moved to a different galaxy.”
“Wouldn’t that be something?” Another human said, their electric-blue eyes focused far away. “An intergalactic species. Now, wouldn’t that be something.”
“It certainly would be,” a new individual had joined the conversation, of a species the humans didn’t recognize. It appeared somewhere between male and female, between reptile and mammal, between Z’lask and human height. The alien surveyed the assembled aliens with an apparently fathomless patience. “What would you do with such capability?”
“Shoot, you could spend lifetimes just seeing the sights,” Sorensen laughed. “Now, that something to imagine: seeing two galaxies. And hey, why just two? What else is out there? We could find out what quasars look like up close, we could try to find the edge of space! Now, wouldn’t that be a cruise?”
“You are very keen to explore,” the alien said, looking down at the human like a teacher regarding an ambitious pupil.
“Who wouldn’t be?” Sorensen said, now a little uncertainly. “If they had the magic power.”
“Some would say that there is nothing so fine to see that the trip is worthwhile,” the alien answered, still with generous patience.
“I can’t believe that,” Sorensen was now looking up at the alien with the politely neutral expression that meant she was discounting everything it said. The alien, realizing this, looked back with more sharpness than before.
Dear Z’aa.
“Well, some have seen what lies in the far reaches of other galaxies, and they report that there is nothing there that cannot also be found here, close to home. I am sorry that your belief, if ever it were to be tested, would be disappointed.” It said coolly.
“We’ll just have to wait for it to be tested and then we’ll see,” Sorensen rejoined blithely. Though she would deny it, the commandant knew that the short individual had a vicious streak. The more this alien attempted to compel Sorensen to adopt its line of thinking, the more she would needle it.
The alien received that statement with silence. “Yes, I suppose we will,” it said finally. It continued to stare to the human. She ignored it initially, but after a conspicuous amount of time had gone by turned and looked it in the eye.
“Is there something you would like to say to me?”
The alien now appeared amused. “I was merely thinking that your species is quite arrogant.”
“I’m sorry we’ve given you that impression,” Sorensen said sincerely, though still without breaking eye contact. The alien was taken aback. “We certainly don’t wish to seem overconfident; we’re just very excited to be included in the wider world, for quite some time we feared we wouldn’t be.”
“Why are you excited?” The alien asked, for the first time as if it didn’t already know the answer.
“Well, I suppose because it is our nature.”
“Is that what you would say human nature is?” The alien asked, even more sharply now.
“Not all of it, of course,” Sorensen was looking up at the alien patiently. “I’m very sorry that we’re still working on an efficient way to articulate what we are—it’s difficult even for us to understand ourselves.”
The alien nodded, regaining its ethereal composure. “I understand. Perhaps this is why your representatives have been claiming rights you do not have.”
“I’m sorry?” Sorensen’s face was blank again, and the attention of every other human within earshot had been attracted to the being.
“Well, you cannot infallibly secure for yourselves many of the things you claim to be infallibly secured to yourselves, merely by virtue of being human. Now I see that this misunderstanding arises of a greater one, that is still being resolved.” The alien stated, not completely able to hide that being the subject of so many stares disconcerted it.
“You’re not very patient,” Sorensen said, crossing her arms. The alien looked taken aback. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to give offense, I was merely observing.”
The alien appeared to be taking a grip on itself. “Surely, you don’t mean to imply that you, a member of the youngest FTL species in the galaxy, infamous for its nonexistent judgement and insistence upon headlong progress, have greater patience than I?”
“I am very sorry, of course not. I suppose I should have spoken more carefully; I apologize that that really isn’t my strong suit. It just struck me that you reviewed our arguments very quickly, and very hastily dismissed them. If you had taken the time to evaluate them more carefully, to look beyond our admittedly clumsy phrasing, you might have seen that we were not making those assertions merely on the behalf of humans. If you’d had a little more patience, you might have understood that just because it is currently impossible to infallibly secure our rights, does not mean that they are not ours. Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but that last fraction is a patient one.”
The alien now radiated displeasure. “An inability to accept the obvious is nothing to be proud of. At best it is stubbornness, at worst a pitiful form of stupidity.”
“I’m so sorry to have to differ with you there,” Sorensen said, still with patience. “At one time it was obvious that faster than light travel was impossible. It would seem a faulty accusation, in this day and age, to say that those who believe in it are ‘pitifully stupid.’”
The alien snorted. “Mere technological advancement-”
“Is nothing of the sort.” Sorensen interrupted coldly. “It takes a very great deal for humanity to be able to successfully conduct research, and then it takes even more for us to manifest the judgement and the wisdom to use our discoveries properly. I and every officer present are the beneficiaries of such development—without it we would have been exposed to poison gas and weaponized smallpox. Saw-bladed bayonets or torture. These may be indecent things to speak of, but it used to be common for prisoners of war to have their hands cut off or their eyes gouged out. Humans would boil each other alive in oil, burn each other at the stake by the hundreds, massacre each other by the thousands.”
The alien looked as though it wished to leave but knew it could not.
“I think that it’s very easy for a beneficiary of progress to say that its achievements are not special, that the way things are now is the way things naturally are. That’s wrong. If you no longer want to pay the price then get out of line—you are free to not explore, if you see no reason to, and we are free to explore if we want to.” Sorensen’s eyes were bright as a Z’lask’s and she was standing as though she thought she was as tall as one. The alien appeared at a loss for words.
“That’s what I thought,” said Sorensen aggressively. “I don’t know whether humans are special among the species gathered here, but I do know that humanity is special out of all the miraculous things in this galaxy, in this universe, this multiverse, whatever existence is. And whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, we benefit from the idea that humanity has rights.”
The alien drew itself up to stand as tall as it could. “You will fail.”
“Of course we will,” Sorensen said patiently. “To err is human. But to overcome is equally human.”
The alien had a very strange look on its face, akin to that of a parent who realizes its hatchling will one day soon be as tall as they are.
“You have great patience for being impatient. It does not tire you that all your life you pursue what you will never possess. That reminds me of another young race I knew once.” The alien said, half to itself.
“Oh really?” Sorensen—like a darkness-cursed human—had completely missed the implication, and was now looking interested, happy to discuss what she assumed was a pleasant memory.
The alien looked sharply back at her, and as the human realized she was being evaluated she reacted to the test the only way the commandant had ever seen her do: by staring right back.
Dear Z’aa!
The alien looked away. The commandant couldn’t believe his eyes.
“I hope you will find what you are looking for,” the alien said finally.
“I’m sure we will, eventually,” Sorensen now appeared slightly confused again. “Might take a while, but we’ll get there.”
The alien was already leaving.
“Jerk,” was Sorensen’s assessment.
“Do you know what that was?” H’laath asked her, aghast.
“A pretentious diplomat with sixteenth-century notions of human rights?” Sorensen guessed indifferently, resuming her attack on a pile of cookies.
“That was a—to the darkness with these translators pins!—it was a—oh, never mind, it was a member of an Elder species.”
Sorensen froze.
“I didn’t know they came to these things,” she said finally. She seemed now to be realizing the magnitude of what she had done.
“They don’t; they never do. And yet, here one was, speaking with you, arguing with you.”
“Well….It didn’t disintegrate me? That’s good I guess?”
H’laath stared down at her with long-suffering dismay. “If we are to be allies, will you please attempt to be slightly more circumspect? I understand that you people enjoy chaos, but the rest of us find it quite unpleasant. So, for the love of dear Z’aa, who watches over homeworld Z’laya, attempt to not start a war for the next five minutes.”
“Hey, you were the one laughing at the Lappa earlier,” Sorensen shot back, not about to take such an accusation lying down. “Maybe you should exercise some self-control.”
“Oh, please. Your words may not have been objectionable but their meaning was perfectly clear: you wished to tell that being to-”
“But I didn’t, which is the point-”
“Enough,” the commandant broke in, restraining his irritation so it did not show in his voice. “We are allies now, as H’laath has said, and it falls to both of us to assist the other. Together, perhaps we shall be capable of more than we would be apart.”
A silence fell as all present contemplated that speculation.
“What a thing to think of,” H’laath said softly. Perhaps he imagined a new fleet taking to the stars. A fleet composed of the human stealth ships he had fought so hard against, alongside the fast dreadnoughts he had learned to fight so well. Whatever he imagined, it was sufficient to make his eyes flicker like flames.
“With our history?” One of the humans inquired, somewhat doubtfully.
“Haven’t you been paying attention?” Forester, the captain of the darkness-cursed Enterprise, asked in exasperation. “There’s a difference between learning from the past, and obsessing over it. The war’s over, so let’s stop fucking fighting it. Let’s move on.”
The commandant was thinking that so much seemed to depend upon circumstance, or chance, but that some at least came from choice. The thought that he could choose what he wanted to do with his life, rather than simply following the prescribed path of the Code, was fantastically terrifying, and brilliantly wonderful. It was what the humans called freedom.
Yet freedom was quite a troublesome prize. It was something that had to be…wrestled with, as much as enjoyed. He understood why human nature should have its famous duality, if it should be formed in and require this double-edged state. And he understood now why the humans were so famously neurotic; freedom came with as much fear as happiness.
So much was possible now. The commandant realized that was the best way to describe the situation they found themselves in: possibility. Neither good nor evil, neither peaceful nor belligerent. The future they faced was an awful, majestic vista of possibility.
They, each of them, would have to follow their own paths, relying on what help they might find in the endurance of humanity and the Code of the Z’lask. And what new paths had been broken by the alliance of the two! Which would be followed? Which would be finished? Which would lead to failure, which to fruition?
The commandant could hardly wait to find out.
The ground shook suddenly.
It took him several seconds to realize that he was now lying on the floor, and several seconds more for his mind to produce a thought.
That was a bomb.

Hee hee hee!
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2020.10.23 02:29 EquippedThought WTT/WTS:J Mascis Jazzmaster, Digitech Polara, Walrus Audio SLO( light feeler), Walrus Audio Voyager(Feeler), MXR Analog Chorus, AP Car Crush Chorus, AP Fishing Fuzz WTTF: Reverb, Distortion, Comp, Fuzz

Selling my J Mascis Jazzmaster for $300 plus shipping, it’s in excellent condition. Open to selling most of the listed pedals for fair prices. But preferably want to trade, would really like anything from Caroline or BAT. Open to all offers! Jazzmaster
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2020.10.21 03:29 RazorINC [Tips & Tricks] Target Audience Checklist

Everyone and their sibling has a YouTube channel. In these times with so much competition, a target audience is essential for success. To understand what a target audience is and why you need it, read this article from the YouTuber's Wiki.
How do you know what your target audience is? You could wait, sit back and just review the general trends of your analytics. However, a more proactive approach is to view target audience as a goal. In other words, think of your target audience as the kind of viewers you want, instead of the kind of viewers you happen to be getting.
Keeping with the fishing analogy from the article: Perhaps right now all you're catching are minnows. Are minnows what you want to catch? Content creators whose sole motivation sounds like, "I want anyone and everyone to watch my videos!" will not succeed in the long run. Their content will be so varied, changing with every whim that ultimately it will retain no one at all. Whether you realize it or not (whether you even agree with me or not) successful channels are successful because they deliver to a particular target audience better than other channels. This can happen accidentally or intentionally but it is unavoidable. A successful channel reaches a target audience.
This guide is written to help you begin shaping your target audience. Remember, don't think of it as the viewers you happen, by luck, to be getting now. Begin to think about the kinds of viewers you want. Close your eyes and visualize that viewer. How do they behave? When you understand your viewer's behavior then you will make creative decisions about your content that captures and holds their attentions. If you imagine your target audience likes short videos, then you will make edits to propel the video at a faster pace. Stop chasing trends and chasing what the algorithm prefers. The only way to beat the algorithm is by amassing your own loyal viewer base. It is only then the algorithm will work for you. Start making decisions based on who your target audience is and eventually you will see the rewards of loyal viewers.
Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself about your viewer. Don't worry that choosing one means alienating the other. For instance, just because you say your target audience is males, that does not mean some females won't always watch and enjoy. By saying your target audience is males, it means males are just more likely to watch than female. Do not be afraid of this. I can not stress this enough: too many content creators are so afraid of not appealing to everyone that the end result is appealing to no one.
So here are basic demographic and behavior questions to ask yourself while closing your eyes and imagining your target audience:
All of these help answer the most important question, "Why is this person even watching?" That's the million-dollar question. When you understand what drives your target audience to watch, then you will successfully deliver what it is they come to see. This is only a brief list but if you closed your eyes and started to imagine these behavior traits, more questions will come to mind. A clearer picture of that viewer will emerge in your thoughts and you will know what to do creatively to meet that viewer's needs.
Good luck out there, Reddit.
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2020.10.20 16:25 Vegetable_Pop798 Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an important science that helps people to overcome problems that have their root cause in the spiritual realm. However unless the principles of this subtle science are understood and adhered to, spiritual healers can be negatively impacted by practicing spiritual healing. The most sustainable form of spiritual healing is enabling the person in trouble to begin and continue their spiritual practice.
1. What is Spiritual Healing?
Spiritual research done by Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has shown that up to 80% of problems in our lives have their root in the spiritual dimension. Spiritual healing as defined by SSRF is overcoming the spiritual root causes of problems by spiritual means.
2. Difference between symptoms displayed and the root cause
It is important to differentiate the symptoms displayed by a person and the basic root cause. We can better understand this by an example.
Let's say John throws a bucket of water on the floor in Jane's room when she is not there. He then hides himself to watch Jane's reaction on her return. When Jane enters the room she searches high and low for the cause but cannot find the reason for the water on the floor. She then goes on to wipe the floor. John lets out an evil chuckle under his breath at Jane's plight and ignorance about the root cause.
This is a typical analogy of how a spiritual reason such as an attack by a ghost (John) can cause a problem in life such as a heart condition (i.e. the water on the floor). Due to the fact that we do not have the sixth sense vision to see or perceive the ghost, our search for the cause of, for example, the chest pain remains limited only to the physical or psychological dimension.
3. What does Spiritual Healing heal?
We can now appreciate that in cases of heart disease resulting from a spiritual root cause, medical or surgical treatment can only alleviate the consequent damage done by the spiritual root cause. Thus by treating the heart condition by surgery or medicine, medical sciences can at best bring about a symptomatic cure. The condition however reoccurs as the root cause, for example, the ghost, is not taken care of.
Spiritual healing is about diagnosis and removal of the spiritual root cause of the problem, that is, the ghost in the above example of heart disease. It could also be used for stopping a potential problem happening in the first place.
Though advanced spiritual healing remedies can also revert the physical damage done, in most cases it is advisable to use physical measures (treatment) to alleviate the physical damage (i.e. the water in our example above). This is because one would have to use a lot of spiritual energy to achieve what can be done with comparatively lower input at a physical level. This is considering that spiritual energy is invaluable and extremely difficult to acquire compared to any physical effort.
It is for this reason that the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) emphasises that only the appropriate level of energy be used for treating a problem. So for example, if a person is having eczema due to a spiritual root cause, it needs to be treated at a physical level with medicines and the spiritual root cause needs to be alleviated by spiritual remedies.
4. Basic principles behind spiritual healing
a. Principle behind diagnosis
Diagnosis of a problem that has its root cause in the spiritual realm can only be done with one's sixth sense (ESP). The accuracy of a diagnosis can vary considerably and is a function of 2 basic factors:
b. Principle behind any type of spiritual healing
The following is the principle behind any type of spiritual healing treatment practiced anywhere in the world.
Basically by applying spiritual healing remedies we try to:
5. Generic types of spiritual healing methods
There are two generic methods of spiritual healing. These are the two choices that apply to all of us who have a problem that has its root cause in the spiritual realm.
  1. Spiritual remedies: This is where either someone else or the affected person himself performs a certain specific act to alleviate a certain problem at a spiritual level.
  2. Spiritual practice: When a person does spiritual practice that conforms to the five basic principles of spiritual practice he builds his own ability to protect himself against harmful elements in the spiritual dimension
The first method of healing mostly brings about symptomatic cure and sometimes cure of the spiritual root cause, while the second brings about cure of the root cause of a spiritual problem.
6. Modes of spiritual healing
The energy being channelised for healing is brought about through:
  1. Use of an inanimate object such as holy water or holy ash.
  2. Through a person
Depending on the mode used, the mechanism of action, i.e. how energy is channelised, changes.
7. Importance of spiritual level of the healer in treating others
The spiritual level of spiritual healers is the all important aspect which defines:
8. Types of healing
Examples of various spiritual healing techniques that are commonly used to heal others can be:
A person who is below the spiritual level of 50% technically cannot heal using these methods. This is because they do not have enough access to Universal energies. In case where a person below the spiritual level of 50% is able to do seemingly miraculous cures by Pranic healing or Reiki, invariably it is ghosts healing through them. Ghosts use these healers to affect society. While there may be temporary relief or miraculous cure from a problem, ghosts use the faith people have in the healer to infuse people with black energy and lead people astray.
9. What is the catalyst to channelise spiritual energies?
The main deciding factor as to whether a person has the ability to heal is based on the amount of spiritual practice he/she has done and the corresponding spiritual level. This spiritual practice can either be of this lifetime or a previous lifetime.
The healer's desire to heal is a secondary factor that helps hone a spiritual healer's ability to heal.
10. How will one know if one needs spiritual healing at all?
Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) over the past 20 years has revealed that 80% of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. Thus these problems can be overcome completely only by complementing worldly efforts with remedies in the spiritual dimension. This explains the overwhelming importance of spiritual healing in solving problems in one's life.
It is difficult to decide with the help of intellect whether one needs to augment spiritual practice with other spiritual remedies. Only Saints and people with strong extrasensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense can really say with authority whether a spiritual healing remedy is needed because only they can diagnose whether the problem has a spiritual root cause.
However one can also make a decision based on their intellect if the following are observed:
So in summary it is advisable to do spiritual practice, a type of spiritual remedy, on a daily basis.
11. Can harm come to one in anyway, if spiritual healing is done incorrectly?
The short answer is - yes. Following are some of the ways it can be harmful:
Healers that are after fame and fortune and of lower spiritual level are most likely to be targeted by ghosts. Higher level ghosts use these defects and attachments in the spiritual healer to affect and possess them. The possession is insidious and intangible and the healer would not have the faintest clue that he is being controlled by a ghost. Hence it goes unnoticed. Once they have possessed the healer, they initially alleviate symptoms of the persons treated by the healer through their spiritual strength to get their faith but also to infuse black energy into the treated persons.
If the healer does not have an advanced sixth sense he may not be able to discern the difference between positive and negative in the subtle world. Hence while the healer may think he is channelising energy from spirit guides he is actually healing with black energy of ghosts posing as spirit guides. So even though the initial symptoms may be cured to gain the patient's faith, the long term effects are quite damaging.
12. Who should we heal and when should we heal?
At the outset we need to understand two important principles.
Given the above, spiritual healers' time and energy is best spent when they help other people to overcome any spiritual obstacles that are inhibiting them from practising Spirituality. In this way they are helping people grow spiritually. From a purely spiritual perspective, it is best that one does not use spiritual healing energy on people that have no intention of starting spiritual practice. The reason for this is that unless a person does spiritual practice to augment the spiritual healing, it at best brings about temporary relief as the affecting entity can cause harm in other areas of life or the person can be affected repeatedly by other entities. Spiritual healers have access to Universal energy appropriate to their spiritual level. Along with this comes a responsibility to help people to grow spiritually which is being in alignment with our purpose of life. If this is not the case a spiritual healer begins to stagnate and invariably deteriorates in his spiritual level and can potentially be used by ghosts.
It is advisable not to get emotionally carried away healing people just for the sake of healing. If it is in a person's destiny to go through a certain amount of suffering then all we do is alleviate it temporarily. But the person still has to go through the required quota of suffering. Instead, it would be spiritually more correct if our intention was to heal a person so he gets the faith that the spiritual dimension does exist and this in turn inspires him to begin his spiritual practice.
In summary
Spiritual healing is practised by many people worldwide. Only by understanding the principles and the spiritual perspective on 'who' and 'when' to heal can we be sure to be in alignment with the purpose of life. The best spiritual healing gift that one can give others is assisting them in beginning their spiritual practice so that they can help themselves. This is akin to giving a person a fishing rod and making him independent as opposed to spoon-feeding him and giving him a fish.
For more information, please visit:
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2020.10.19 22:47 chtrgfan2 A post-apocalyptic future of eusocial humans, and rat-derived Tetrapod fauna

This is a Speculative Future project I'm working on. The idea is that in 2120, an asteroid, larger than what struck at the K-T Extinction strikes the Earth, and humans couldn't do anything to deflect it before it struck (either because spaceflight hasn't advanced much by that time from its present-day state, or a new World War or a political collapse resulted in resources not being available for such a venture).
The asteroid wiped out every Tetrapod from Earth, even Marine Mammals, as they couldn't survive the reduced number of fish in the oceans post-apocalypse. Baleen Whales went extinct because of the disrupted ocean currents and the reduced availability of plankton.
However, there was a failsafe: In a hidden shelter deep under the Earth, 10.000 human embryos and 1.000.000 rat embryos (Rattus norvegicus domestica) were stored, to be placed in artificial wombs, cared for a time by a crude automated system, then be released into the wild, once conditions on the surface were survivable.
A 100 years after the asteroid struck, there were once again blue skies, green fields, shrub-like, but spreading and growing forests, waters full of fish, and arthropods competing against eachother in the new world they inherited.
This was the time the AI of the shelter chose to incubate the rat embryos then release them into the wild.
The rats spread all over the land, consuming insects, fruits, nuts, and roots. A 100.000 years later they were already speciating into insectivorous, herbivorous and carnivorous species, and some staying generalist omnivores. The rats begun retracing the steps of the Mammalian survivors of the K-T extinction.
10.000.000 years after the asteroid struck, Biodiversity was back at Holocene levels. The rats have developed large-bodied herbivores (some similar to kangaroos, others to capybaras) and carnivores (similar to Thylacosmilus and Thylacoleo), semi-aquatic yapok-like forms, and the rat-analogs of primates, tree-dwelling frugivores with opposable thumbs, a large brain, and trichromatic color vision, looking like a cross between large rats, sugar gliders, lemurs, and new world monkeys.
20.000.000 years after the asteroid struck, the rat-primates produced a species that is as intelligent as Homo Sapiens, and started living in tribal societies reminiscent of the Middle Paleolithic.
And what happened with the humans through all this time?
The underground facility was kept up by geothermal energy, and automated mining and repair bots. Once every 10.000 years some humans were incubated, crudely cared for in an "assembly-line" way until they were 2 years old, put in a heated, lit cavern with easily-consumable stored food, reached puberty, the robots extracted ova and sperm from them, created new embyros, then stored these embryos for another 10,000 years. This was needed to prevent degradation of DNA in the frozen embryos.
A bug in the AIs programming kept it in this loop, even if conditions on the surface were better and better.
What finally freed the humans was that 19.000.000 years after the asteroid struck the system finally broke down for good, and as a last failsafe, all of the 10.000 humans were incubated, and cared for until the age of 2, a tunnel was blasted onto the surface, then everything shut down for the final time.
The life of the first humans who emerged on the surface was harsh. Of the 10.000 released humans, only a 100 managed to reach adulthood and produce offspring, and later generations were repeatedly decimated by new diseases on the surface.
After several generations, natural selection built up immunity against most pathogens, and a simple society formed: People lived together in a large cavern, spent most of the day gathering anything edible they saw, then went home and ate it. As night fell, they blocked the entrance of the cavern, snuggled up together and fell asleep.
A million years after the humans were released, the new cavern-based, total-interdependence type of society, much different from the hunter-gatherer society of the original Paleolithic humans resulted in a new Eusocial species.
It is now 20.000.000 years after the asteroid struck, and hunter-gatherer sapient rats move about the land in small tribes.
The Eusocial humans live together in castle-like stone structures, reminiscent of both Medieval European and Aztec architecture. Technologically they are at a Neolithic level, using stone, flint, wood, bone, and animal parts. They are neither hunter-gatherers, nor agriculturalists, rather they invented a new type of society that could simply be called "cullers":
From time to time large groups of humans literally swarm across the landscape from their castle-hive in every direction, collect everything edible in tight Phalanx-like formations, picking fields and forests literally clear of plants and animals.
Then, they bring all of their loot back to huge dug-out underground storage areas of their castle, and they divide it among themselves, heavily rationing it.
In this new human species only the so-called "Court Caste" is both sapient, and has the mental capacity of an adult Homo Sapiens. The Court consists of the Queen, the Drones, the royal heirs, and so-called "Culturalists": The Culturalists are strategists, inventors, entertainers, artists and similar people with higher brain functions who provide the royal family with their services. This caste is very similar to present-day Homo Sapiens, however they only have a lifespan of 40 years.
The caste below the Court is the Reproducer. While the Court reproduces among themselves, Reproducers are a large group of people whose only job is producing more Reproducers and lower-caste people. They are less intelligent than the court, and live for about 25 years.
The caste below the Reproducer is the Leader caste. These are people who are sapient, but only reach the mental level of a 6 year old human, and are sterile. They serve as work organizers and directors, for the majority of the Eusocial Humans, the Servants. Leaders generally have a lifespan of 10 years, and look somewhat diminutive and goblin-like, they mature much faster than the Court and present-day Homo Sapiens, generally physically and mentally ready for work by the age of 2, then trained for their specific task in a few weeks.
The Servant caste is the most numerous. They are also sterile, have a lifespan of only 2 years (although most die earlier than this time) are non-sapient and look even more goblin-like and are even smaller than the Leaders. Leaders command a large group of Servants for menial tasks.
Although verbal communication still takes place among Eusocial Humans (especially in the Court), they have also developed pheromonal and hormonal cues similar to ants. Certain Queen-produced hormonal products originating from the Queen's urine are given to the Reproducers to make them either produce more Reproducers, Leaders, or Servants.
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2020.10.19 02:45 ReachingNocturnal It’s fascinating to me that I can sink a thousand+ hours into a game and only just now notice the fish’s eye moves with the analog sticks

It’s fascinating to me that I can sink a thousand+ hours into a game and only just now notice the fish’s eye moves with the analog sticks submitted by ReachingNocturnal to YGOLegacyOfTheDuelist [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 20:08 Underwhere_Overthere 10 More Overlooked Single Player Indie Games

Here’s a link to the first post with 10 other overlooked indie games. There are also some links within that link that discuss indie local multiplayer games as well.
We're all familiar with the Hotline Miami's, Hollow Knight's, and Celeste's of the world. These are some of the indie games that hit the big time. Of course, for every one of these games, there's 100 other indie games that have been glossed over, relegated to a spot in a digital store few people will ever find themselves in. I wanted to bring attention to some of these lesser known indie games again.
Details About the List
I'm going to order them according to Metacritic Critic Ratings. Since Switch is the only platform with all 10 of the games on this list, I will be using the Switch version of the Metacritic reviews for consistency (PlayStation 4 and Steam have 9 of them, and Xbox One has 8 of them). The two bottom games have pretty low critic ratings (60% and 58%). I personally disagree with the low scores of these two games, but it's only fair that you hear from more than just me. Keep in mind that games with only one or two User Ratings on Metacritic will not show the score. A game needs at least three User Ratings on Metacritic before the score will be shown. This is not the case for Critic Reviews.
For the purpose of this post, I’m just going to stick with saying “trophies” and “platinum trophies.” You can basically substitute these with “achievements” and “100% achievement attainment” if you’re an Xbox or PC gamer.
Platforms will include a link to the U.S. store page of the game for each platform. Price is in U.S. dollars.
1. Puddle Knights
2. Warlock’s Tower
3. Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
4. Hayfever
5. Duck Souls+
6. The Count Lucanor
7. Reverie
8. Cybarian: The Time-Traveling Warrior
9. The Bunker
10. Verlet Swing
Special shoutout to Hayfever which is my favorite game on the list and, again, one my favorite 2D platformers ever.
Have you played any of these games? What are some other overlooked single player indie games?
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2020.10.15 20:45 CephalonAhmes Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.4: NIGHTS OF NABERUS!

Nights of Naberus have arrived!
The ancient festival of death and mischief has begun on all platforms!
On Naberus, beauty is banished. Rot and monstrosity hold sway. And Daughter couldn’t be more excited!
To get everyone in the Naberus spirit, she’ll be dressing up in Morbid costume and offering exclusive, limited-time rewards available for purchase through her special Naberus-themed store in the Necralisk.
Listen to a gruesome tale narrated by Grandmother in the comfort of your Orbiter with a creepy Naberus-themed decoration, or enjoy an assortment of Glyphs, Emblems, Skins and Blueprints - all available for purchase using Mother Tokens.
An early change meant for Update Deimos: Arcana that was low risk to add now! Feedback alluded to this phase not offering much variety within the Bounty - so we’ve shortened it to get you to the meat of the Bounty quicker!
This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github
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2020.10.15 01:36 Shadoremi64 My honest take on the Adventure gameplay styles.

After playing through the Adventure games again recently, I have some honest criticism about the gameplay styles and what they do.
Sonic (A1)
The default, and probably the main reason that everyone goes back to this game.
The controls are beautiful. They do just about everything you tell them to, and the physics work wonders. He's not too heavy, but he has enough weight. His acceleration and running is unlike any other game I've ever played. The homing attack feels perfect too. It all creates a beautiful medley that makes Sonic fun to just run around with for hours.
The stages themselves, I have a problem with. For the most part, they're way too limiting, either by being way too linear, having only one answer to the way forward, and so on. The game barely challenges your ability to use his controls to your advantage, like in Final Egg or Windy Valley. Only time it really comes into play is maybe in Lost World (the stage, not the game), and Twinkle Park. Maybe a bit in Emerald Coast. For the most part, though, the stages are linear, and stages like Sky Deck feel really unfinished.
Overall, pass, I guess. I'd replay this mode a lot more if it weren't for Casinopolis' 400 ring gimmick thing, though. Oh, and Sky Chase.
Tails (A1)
Tails is fun to fly, for sure. I'd say that this is probably my favorite gameplay style in the game because you get to do on-the-spot decision making for platforms and traversal, in order to win the races. You have to keep moving forward, and you're constantly looking out for the next landing spot or pathway to go, because rushing to the end as quickly as possible is the goal here.
But, the stage difficulty is an issue here too. There needed to be more things to fly around, or things that really tested his flight. Most of the time, it's just flying in a straight line at the angle you launched him at.
Also, he has to play Sky Chase here too.
Knuckles (A1)
Knuckles is fun to move around and stuff, but really, I feel like the gameplay just boils down to haphazardly going to random spots on the map until the radar dings, then just following that radar's signal until you get it, rinse and repeat the whole time.
Without the radar, it would more-or-less be a task of just checking under every possible nook and cranny until just happen to stumble upon them. Break every box, defeat every enemy, check every inch of the map, etc.
Imagine losing your keys in your house, but you have a radar that dings when you're close to them. That's essentially what this gameplay style is.
Amy (A1)
I'll just get this out of the way. I think Amy is the worst character in this game. She moves so slow, and walking feels constantly like a struggle. Really, I don't think she needed to exist in this game. She only has like three stages, and there's nothing here game-play wise, that you couldn't get more of by just playing as Sonic.
Gamma (A1)
Essentially, you run forward through the stage, and the game wants you to keep locking onto enemies and killing them (actuality is just holding down the action button and releasing it constantly, over and over again).
Honestly, this one also felt like filler. There's only a handful of stages, and they're insanely short.
Big (A1)
I'm not gonna meme about how fishing doesn't belong in a Sonic game.
Big, like Amy, is insanely slow and struggles to move around. However, he's really meant to fish, and... well, the fishing is... not the greatest.
You throw the cursor into the water, wait for the fish to decide to bite, and you reel them in by moving the analog stick in a certain direction, and/or just by holding in the "reel" buttons. It's not really that fun in the grand scheme of things, because the fish you're after is likely to bite on the line, but reeling it in just amounts to you holding down the action/reeling button and hoping that the game will let that fish come toward you. If not, well, rinse and repeat.
At least he climbs ladders at light speed.
Sonic/Shadow (A2)
Somehow, with how much I've emphasized the linearity in SA1's version of Sonic's stages, SA2's are way straighter. My honest opinion on the levels here, is that they are way too linear and simple. Stages like Pyramid Cave, it's literally a hallway with the occasional jump. Same thing could be said about Metal Harbor, Crazy Gadget, White Jungle, City Escape, etc. Even stages like Sky Rail and Final Rush feel like their open-ness amounts to just riding a different rail to a part of the level that's out of the way for a few seconds, then returns.
Also, Sonic doesn't control like he did before. He's got the same abilities, for the most part, but the physics and controls used for handling those abilities, they're all messed up. Sonic feels like he's constantly slowing down when running and moving, and there's no fluidity with the spin dash. The homing attack also feels weird, and has a high chance of missing the target you're after.
Sonic Adventure 1's stages are definitely at least more creative in the visual department, like the entirety of Twinkle Park, the snowboard in Ice Cap, the pinball tables in Casinopolis, the tons of different things in Lost World, and so on. Here, there's really none of that outside of the GUN truck, but that just boils down to holding a single direction. The rest of the layout is mechanical.
Knuckles/Rouge (A2)
Essentially, take the gameplay from SA1, and increase the amount of space to traverse by a ton. Now, make it so the radar is only looking for a specific piece at a time, so now it's linearly making you look for these. The radar seems to be more than necessary with just how big these stages are, because otherwise, you'd be spending an eternity going down every hallway (Aquatic Mine), and looking behind everything just to find them.
Also, now that the ranking system exists, I feel like it's a bit counterproductive to have a system where using the hints is the most optimal way to get the Emerald pieces, and then it punishes you in your score for doing so. Especially because the shards are all randomized each time, so your rank could very well depend on a lucky roll of the dice.
Tails/Eggman (A2)
Yeah, I'm just gonna say it. I do not like this style in the slightest.
The mechs feel too heavy and also have that struggle of movement that Amy and Big have, and it's just Gamma's gameplay style without the time limit. Really, it just boils down to getting to the end of the stage similar to Sonic, but unlike Sonic it's instead in a clunky mech that just locks on to everything over and over again, versus using Sonic's homing attack and faster movement to get through the stage.
I know I've been somewhat hostile and bitter towards the gameplay styles here, but I'm really feeling that, for the most part, that the gameplay in the two Adventure games, are mostly short, mundane tasks that don't really amount to anything beyond that, along with questionable controls and length and difficulty that makes them feel... well, almost useless.
These games feel really primitive. I feel like you could play a modern platformer, like A Hat in Time, and probably get way more out of it in terms of controls, level design, difficulty, meaningful decisions, multiple things to do, and so on.
Also, yeah. I don't like Sonic Adventure 2 at all, sadly. Like I've said, the controls are clunky and not fun to use, the levels are mundane and short, and... well, I just don't like replaying these stages, and didn't really have that much fun the first time around. To an extent, I could say the exact same thing about Amy, Gamma, and Big. At least in the case of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles for Adventure 1, at least they're mildly fun. But, they're MILDLY fun for me. They still feel primitive and surpassed by other games, such as... well, just play A Hat in Time, it's 16 years newer.
submitted by Shadoremi64 to SonicTheHedgehog [link] [comments]

2020.10.14 22:32 BENcreative Episode Index

As Of: October 28, 2020

crtl+F will be your friend here. You can search for Chapters and verse.

1. Introductory background, historical references, context, theme and structure notes.
8 Episodes (0001 – 0008) 1 hour 16 minutes run time

2. Genealogy of Jesus Matthew 1:1-17
8 episodes (0009 – 0016) 1 Hour 21 minutes run time

3. The Birth Of Jesus: Virgin Birth Theology; Mary & Joseph; Connecting to the Old Testament; & Rounding out the Genealogy Context Matthew 1:18 – 25
9 Episodes (0017 – 0025) 1 hour 23 minutes run time

4. Into Chapter 2: Historical Context for Herod; The Significance of the Magi; Nazareth - Nazarene Factual & Textual Conflicts with the Text & A Reason To Hope Matthew 2
12 Episodes (0026 – 0037) 2 Hours run time

5. Baptism PART I: John The Baptist & The Baptism of Jesus; Political & Historical Context Around the Pharisees & Sadducees Matthew 3
6 Episodes (0038 – 0043) 1 hour 10 minutes run time

6. Baptism PART II: The Theology Around Baptizing Jesus & Baptism in General Matthew 3
7 Episodes (0044 – 0050) 1 Hour 25 minutes run time

7. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART I: Theological Background Matthew 4:1 – 11
4 Episodes (0051 – 0054) 35 minutes run time

8. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART II: The Duel Begins Matthew 4:1-11
7 episodes (0055 – 0061) 1 Hour 25 minutes run time

9. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART III: Considering What to Make of this Story Matthew 4:1-11
4 Episodes (0062 – 0065) 45 minutes run time

10. Geographical Context & Significance
4 Episodes (0066 – 0069) 42 minutes

11. “Fishers of Men” Calling the First Apostles Matthew 4:12-22
7 Episodes (0070 – 0076) 1 hour 20 minutes

12. Breaking Down the Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12
18 Episodes (0077 – 0099) Estimated 3 hours

13. Background on The Old Testament Law
9 Episodes (0100 -0109) 1 hour 46 minutes

14. “You Have Hear It Said” Matthew 5:21-48
15 Episodes (0110 – 0124) approximately 2 hours 45 minutes

15. Beyond Performative Religious Practices (Almsgiving, etc) Matthew 6:1-16
14 Episodes (0125 – 0138) Approximately 3 Hours

16. Jesus Teaches Further on What a Kingdom Citizen Might Do and Feel Matthew 6:19 - 34 5 Episodes (0139 -0143) Approximately 1 hour.

17. Chapter 7, The Last Passage from the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 7:1-24
13 Episodes (0144 – 0156) Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes

18. Miracles, Jesus discloses the nature of being a follower; more miracles. Matthew Chapter 8:1-27 16 Episodes (0156 – 0171) Approximately 3 hours, 20 minutes.

19. Deep Water questions concerning demons, and the rejection of Jesus Matthew 8:28-34
4 Episodes (0172 – 0175) Approximately 45 minutes

20. Rev. Whitman teaches his congregation on The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Matthew 13:24-30
Published the week of June 29th, broken into 5 episode chunks, and then a sixth episode as the full sermon. 45 Minutes.

21. The importance of forgiveness and Jesus’s authority to forgive Matthew Chapter 9:1-8
7 Episodes (0176 – 0182) Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

22. The Call of Matthew 9:9-13
4 Episodes (0183 – 0186) Approximately 51 minutes

23. Question About Fasting Matthew 9:14 -17
2 Episodes (0187-0188) Approximately 20 Minutes

24. Matt teaches on the chronology and editorial choices that were made by Matthew 2 Episodes (0189 – 0190) Approximately 19 minutes

25. Jesus resurrects a Ruler’s daughter, and heals others Matthew 9:18-34 9 Episodes (0191 – 0199) Approximately 1 hour 43 minutes

26. Deep dive into the Pharisee’s response to Jesus’s Miracles 9:32-34 4 Episodes (0200 – 0203) Approximately 50 1 hour

27. “The harvest is plentiful but the laborer’s are few”. Commentary on Jesus’s observation to his apostles at the end of chapter 9 Matthew 9:35-38 6 Episodes (0204 – 0209) Approximately 1 hour 13 minutes (Including Side-Quest with Aron Utecht)

28. Jesus assigns a mission to his apostles Matthew Chapter 10 (but it’s mostly a discussion focused on 9:35-38) 9 Episodes (0210 – 0218) Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
Though, in the podcast, the discussion moves into chapter 10:1-4, the series of episodes below focus more on the theme in 9:35-38. the “sheep without a shepherd” phrase. So these episodes act more of a bridge between the end of chapter 9, and when Jesus gives his commission speech in 10:5

29. Missional Discourse, Part I Matthew 10:5-15 4 Episodes (0219 – 0222) Approximately 45 minutes

30. Missional Discourse, Part II Matthew 10:16-22 7 Episodes (0223 – 0230) Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

31. BIBLE HOUR SIDE QUEST Matt Whitman teaches his congregation on the old parts of the Old Testament A 49 minute sermon broken into 5 parts. The complete talk is uploaded as a sixth episode for the week.

32. Resuming the Missional Discourse, Part II Matthew 10:23-42 7 Episodes (0231 – 0238) Approximately 1 hour 34 minutes

33. SIDE QUEST Continuation of a conversation with Aron Utecht about the sinner’s prayer 1 Episode ( 0239 ) 13 minutes

October 17, 2020 - There's Something Very Off About Death, and I Felt That More Than Usual This Week. A stand alone episode, un-numbered.

34. John The Baptist Sends Messengers to Ask Jesus if he is the Messiah Matthew 11:2-19 6 Episodes (0240 – 0245) Approximately 70 minutes

35. Jesus Upbraids Unrepentant Cities Matthew 11:20-25 5 Episodes (0246 – 0251) Approximately 70 minutes


Episode Details

1. Introductory background, historical references, context, theme and structure notes. 8 Episodes (0001 – 0008) 1 hour 16 minutes run time
0001 - Two Things That Are True About the Bible
0002 - Who Was Matthew?
Matthew 9:9-13 is referenced in this conversation.
0003 - Did Matthew Actually Write Matthew?
0004 - When Was Matthew Written, and Why Would That Even Matter?
0005 - Was Matthew the First Gospel?
0006 - Themes and Structure of Matthew
0007 - What's the Historical Context of Matthew
0008 - What is the Theological Context of Matthew

2. Genealogy of Jesus Matthew 1:1-17 8 episodes (0009 – 0016) 1 Hour 21 minutes run time
0009 - Jesus the Messiah, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham
0010 - Jesus Has the Right Bloodlines to Be King
0011 - Why Did Matthew Arrange His Genealogy of Jesus Around the Number 14?
0012 - Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus vs. Luke's
0013 - Jesus is the Completion of the Old Testament Story Arc
0014 - The Erotic, Enterprising, and Indelible Women of Jesus' Genealogy
0015 - Does the Curse of Jeconiah Wreck Jesus' Claim to the Throne of David?
0016 - What's the Point of Jesus' Genealogy in Matthew?

3. The Birth Of Jesus: Virgin Birth Theology; Mary & Joseph; Connecting to the Old Testament; & Rounding out the Genealogy Context Matthew 1:18 – 25 9 Episodes (0017 – 0025) 1 hour 23 minutes run time
0017 - Born of a Virgin
0018 - What Exactly Does the Bible Mean by "Virgin?"
0019 - Why Does It Matter If She Was a Virgin?
0020 - Joseph is Soooooo Much Cooler Than We Think
0021 - Why Does Luke Talk About Mary More Than Matthew Does?
0022 - Isaiah, Ahaz, and the name Immanuel in the Old Testament
0023 - God NOT With Us
0024 - Adoption Counts for Kingmakers and for God
0025 - Closing the Book on Chapter One

4. Into Chapter 2: Historical Context for Herod; The Significance of the Magi; Nazareth - Nazarene Factual & Textual Conflicts with the Text & A Reason To Hope Matthew 2 12 Episodes (0026 – 0037) 2 Hours run time
0026 - Who Was Herod the Great?
0027 – More on Herod the Great
0028 - Christian Space Wizards
0029 - Why Was God Using Astrology to Point to Jesus?
0030 - Immorton Joe Benefits From a Bad Situation
0031 - Why's the Whole Herod/Magi Thing In the Bible?
0032 - Herod's a Monster, Joseph's a Saint, and Jesus is the New and Awesomer Moses
0033 - Herod Murdered Babies? Why Didn't Somebody Write That Down?
0034 - Herod Dies; Things Get Even Weirder
0035 - Jesus: Homecoming
0036 - Clown Kings vs. the Promise of Something Real
0037 - Maybe We Should Allow Ourselves to Hope

5. Baptism PART I: John The Baptist & The Baptism of Jesus; Political & Historical Context Around the Pharisees & Sadducees Matthew 3 6 Episodes (0038 – 0043) 1 hour 10 minutes run time
0038 - Jesus' Baptism Isn't About Baptism
0039 - Who Was John the Baptist?
0040 - John Thinks It's Time to Put the Chains On the Tires
0041 - Let's Talk About That Voice in the Wilderness
0042 - Who Were the Pharisees and Sadducees?
0043 - Are There Any Circumstances Under Which It's Okay to Call People a Brood of Vipers?

6. Baptism PART II: The Theology Around Baptizing Jesus & Baptism in General Matthew 3 7 Episodes (0044 – 0050) 1 Hour 25 minutes run time
0044 - John the Baptist's Poetic Verbal Drubbing (With Tuvia Pollack)
0045 - You Can't Have the Tiger Without the Claws
0046 - What's the Difference Between John's Baptism and Jesus' Version?
0047 - Jesus and the Chosen One Motif
0048 - Why Are We Cleaning a Clean Thing?
0049 - John and Jesus Debate Who Should Baptize Who
0050 - I Think The First Three Chapter's Worth of Events in Matthew Would Have Wrecked a lot of Seemingly Immovable Paradigms

7. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART I: Theological Background Matthew 4:1 – 11 4 Episodes (0051 – 0054) 35 minutes run time
0051 – Tempting
0052 - The Judean Desert Is a Hardcore Metaphor
0053 - Was the Temptation A Garbage Strategy?
0054 - Is Satan Real?

8. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART II: The Duel Begins Matthew 4:1-11 7 episodes (0055 – 0061) 1 Hour 25 minutes run time
0055 - The Duel Begins
0056 - What do you mean, man can't live on bread alone?
0057 - The Duel Continues With Manipulative, Needy Weaseling
0058 - Lucifer Lord of Darkness Is Better at Bible Drills Than Your Awana Kid
0059 - How Would Matthew Have Got The Details of What Happened In the Desert When Only Jesus and the Devil Were There?
0060 - I am not trying to rob you! I'm trying to help you. So stop with the testing.
0061 - Sweet, Hot, Dirty Delectable Power

9. Jesus’s Tempting in the Desert PART III: Considering What to Make of this Story Matthew 4:1-11 4 Episodes (0062 – 0065) 45 minutes run time
0062 - Why Does Jesus Keep Quoting From Deuteronomy When Dueling the Devil in the Wilderness?
0063 - Jesus' Temptation is a Road Map For Navigating Temptation
0064 - Was it Possible For Jesus to Fail the Temptation?
0065 - Why Is the Temptation Account in the Bible?

10. Geographical Context & Significance 4 Episodes (0066 – 0069) 42 minutes
0066 - Jesus Picks His Base of Operations, And It's Weird
0067 - What's the Deal With Capernaum?
0068 - Jesus Lived Where He Lived Because of Theology
0069 - Jesus' Cousin Got Arrested For Saying Words, What's Jesus Going to Do?

11. “Fishers of Men” Calling the First Apostles Matthew 4:12-22 6 Episodes (0070 – 0076) 1 hour 10 minutes
0070 - When You Say "Fisher of Men," Exactly What Kind of Fishing Are You Picturing?
0071 - What Would It Take For You to Quit Your Life and Follow a Cryptic Homeless Guy You Just Met?
0072 - Why Do Matthew and Luke Differ On the Story of Peter's Conversion?
0073 - "Fishers of Men" Is Baked Into Christianity From the Beginning
0074 - What's the Actual Message Jesus Was Going to Send Peter and the Guys Out With?
0075 - Jesus Shows the New Guys What the Fishing Thing Looks Like
0076 - Is Jesus Selling Time Shares?

12. Breaking Down the Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12 18 Episodes (0077 – 0099) Estimated 3 hours
0077 - Changing Currency
0078 - Jesus' Kingdom Manifesto
0079 - This is the Kingdom Everybody Wants
0080 - Everyone Protects Their Crotch When Vince Carter Dunks On Them, And Nobody Thinks It Looks Cool
0081 - My Parents Didn't Get Me the Thing I Wanted and I'm Still Sort of Grouchy About It
0082 - My Son Is Playing the 90's X-Men Arcade Game Using Someone Else's Quarter
0083 - Sweet Mercy
0084 - Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing
NOTE: Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing by Soren Kierkegaard
0085 - Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Because We Like Fighting
0086 - Peacemakers Get Burned Down; It's the Nature of Peacemaking
0087 - What Structure Was Jesus Using In Laying Out the Beatitudes?
0088 - Once You Know to Look for This Literary Structure in the Bible You're Going to See it Everywhere
0089 - It's Like Poetry, It Rhymes
0090 - Are the Beatitudes a Meme?
0091 - What Do the Beatitudes Mean?
0092 - ZAPP NRG DRINK!!!!! (How to Make an Awful Sales Pitch)
0093 - The X-Men Were Hated and Feared by the People They Were Sworn to Protect
0094 - Working the Persecution-Sympathy Game Isn't a Kingdom Value, But Justice Is
0095 - Ain't No Use In Complainin'
0096 - Somebody’s Salty
0097 - Strange Times Prompt Important Thought
0098 - Light is Frustratingly Permeating
0099 - I Still Have No Idea What "Hide It Under a Bushel" Means, But I Do Think Jesus' Light Analogy Makes Sense

13. Background on The Old Testament Law 9 Episodes (0100 -0109) 1 hour 46 minutes
0100 - Light Bible Avalanche
0101 - Hill People: So What Do We Do With the Religion We Already Had?
0102 - The Psyche of the Hill People
0103 - Five Laws From My Childhood Home
0104 - How Does Jesus Fulfill the Old Testament Rules?
0105 - Is It Cocky For God to Be So Obsessed With His Own Glory?
0106 - All the Shocking, Gory, Smelly, Bloody Sacrifices of the Old Testament and How Jesus Fulfills That
0107 - Humans Feel Guilt Because We Just Do, and We Want Atonement Because We Feel Guilt
0108 - BIBLE AVALANCHE - Jesus Fulfills Each Bit of the Sacrificial Law
0109 - It's A Trap!!!

14. “You Have Hear It Said” Matthew 5:21-48 15 Episodes (0110 – 0124) approximately 3 hours
0110 - You Have Heard It Said... But I Tell You
0111 - You Will Be Awarded Zero Points For Not Murdering Anyone, Because Not Murdering Is a Minimal Expectation In This Course
0112 - Moving Beyond Just Not Murdering People (Although Not Murdering People Is a Great Start)
0113 - Captain America's Note to Iron Man at the End of Civil War Made Me Cry & You Should Be Crying Too
0114 - Settling Out of Court
0115 - Adultrying is Hard
0116 - Chiseling Away the Yuck to Find the Surprising Beauty Beneath
0117 - I Will MAKE it Legal!
0118 - The One About Oaths That Starts With the Princess Bride
0119 - Did Matthew and Luke Cheat Off of Mark's Paper?
0120 - Aggressive Cheek Turning
0121 - My Mom Made Me Watch The Butter Cream Gang and I Still Love Her
0122 - Is Loving Your Enemy the Hardest Thing Jesus Says?
0123 - The Kind of Game Where You Play Against the Game
0124 - Dang, Matthew Five, You've Been Intense!

15. Beyond Performative Religious Practices (Almsgiving, etc) Matthew 6:1-16 14 Episodes (0125 – 0138) Approximately 3 hours
0125 - What's the Point of Religious Drills in the Kingdom?
0126 - Everybody's Afraid They're a Fraud Sometimes
0127 - Mike Seaver Loves Babies Just Because It's the Right Thing To Do
0128 - It's Gross When I'm Hypocritical; I'll Try to Do Better
0129 - We're Different When We Talk With Eavesdroppers in Mind
0130 - If God Already Knows What's Going to Happen, Why Pray?
0131 - What is an Oath of Fealty and Why Are We Talking About That Here?
0132 - Vested Bannermen vs. Disinterested Peasants
0133 - What's the Only Part of the Lord's Prayer Where You Pray For Yourself to Do Something?
0134 - No Choking Me, but I Get to Choke You
0135 - Does Jesus Make Me Forgive People For Horrible Things?
0136 - Giant Matthew Reset
0137 - Forgiveness = Subaru All Wheel Drive
0138 - I Totally Fast the Most out of Everybody and Now I'm Going To Tell You About It In Great Detail

16. Jesus Teaches Further on What a Kingdom Citizen Might Do and Feel Matthew 6:19 – 34 4 Episodes (0139 – 143) Approximately 1 hour.
0139 - Two Investment Opportunities
0140 - You Can't Hit It if You Can't See It
0141 - Squish Like Grape
0142 - Have We Seen Enough From Jesus Yet to Think He Could Deliver on All He's Saying?
0143 - What Does It Mean If You Seek First the Kingdom of God and All These Things AREN'T Added Unto You?

17. Chapter 7 The Last Passage from the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 7:1-24 16 Episodes (0144 – 0156) Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes
0144 - Don't Judge: The Dreaded Impenetrable Ping Shield
0145 - Kitties Will Puke On Everything You Love and So Will People
0146 - Why Is Jesus Calling People Dogs and Pigs Right After He Said Don't Judge?
0147 - What Am I Supposed to do With Dogs and Pigs?
0148 - My Dad Wanted Me to Hit His Pitches
0149 - American Gladiators Will Puke on Everything You Love
0150 - Nothing Has Changed: American Gladiators Will STILL Puke On Everything You Love
0151 - How Do You Know If You're a Christian?
0152 - The Threefold Test of Christianness from 1 John
0153 - Only Sith and Jesus Speak in Absolutes?
0154 - Outside the Walls is Default
0155 - IF This is all True, and IF Jesus Can Back it up, Then the Kingdom is the Truest Realest Thing Ever
0156 - What Does Authoritative Credibility Even Sound Like?

18. Miracles, Jesus discloses the nature of being a follower; more miracles. Matthew Chapter 8:1-27 16 Episodes (0156 – 0171) Approximately 3 hours, 20 minutes
0157 - My Wrestling Partner Literally Stunk Badly, and His Stink Got On Me
0158 - If You Have Leprosy, You Can't Come to the Christmas Party
0159 - So Just How Committed is Jesus to These Kingdom Values?
0160 - Jesus Does the Unthinkable
0161 - Walkie Talkies Sort of Transcend Distance
0161 - Walkie Talkies Sort of Transcend Distance
0162 - Right Posture Before the King
0163 - Jesus Says More Provocative Stuff
0164 - Right Posture Before the King > Ancestry
0165 - SHOCKING BIBLE CONTROVERSY! Matthew vs. Luke on the Centurion Story
0166 - Girls Are Gross in 4th Grade and 1st Century Galilee, but Jesus Thinks They're Not Gross
0167 - Bands of Misfits Make the Best Super Hero Teams
0168 – Disclosure
0169 - Back to the Singleness of Heart Thing
0170 - Sometimes the Sea of Galilee Tries to Murder People
0171 - Whoa, What Exactly Are We Dealing With Here?

19. Deep Water questions concerning demons, and the rejection of Jesus Matthew 8:28-34 4 Episodes (0172 – 0175) Approximately 45 Minutes
0172 - Demon Honor Students Nail Tough Question
0173 - Demons Are Hard to Compute
0174 - Remember When Biff Smashed Into That Manure Truck?
0175 - Why Didn't They Wanna Hang Out With Jesus?

20. Matt Whitman teaches his congregation on The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Matthew 13:24-30 Published the week of June 29th, broken into 5 episode chunks, and then a sixth episode as the full sermon. 45 Minutes.
Monday Jun 28, 2020 – The Human Impulse to Sort
Tuesday, Jun 29 2020 – A Brief History of Tares
Wednesday, Jun 30 2020 – Jesus Explains (Matthew 13:24-30)
Thursday July 1, 2020 – I don’t Reckon So (Matthew 13:24-30)
Friday July 2, 2020 – Thankfully I’m Not In Charge of Sorting Out the Fate of Everyone’s Soul (Matthew 13:24-30)
(Full Length sermon uploaded on July 5, 2020)

21. The importance of forgiveness and Jesus’s authority to forgive Matthew Chapter 9:1-8 7 Episodes (0176 – 0182) Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
0176 - There's a Homework Assignment at the End of This One
0177 - How Are You Going to Use Your Time Travel Tokens?
0178 - There's Nothing Jesus Can Say to Make Them Happy
0179 - Jesus Stakes His Claim as Owner of Forgiveness
0180 - What If Jesus Couldn't Heal the Guy After He Said He Could?
0181 - The Sword of Damocles
0182 - Forgiveness Is the Way (Seriously, This Is a Plan for How to Fix Things)

22. The Call of Matthew 9:9-13 Four Episodes (0183 – 0186) Approximately 51 minutes
0183 - Matthew (the one from the Bible, not me) Was the Repugnant Cultural Other
0184 - Why Did Matthew Skip the Big Dramatic Story?
0185 - Does Jesus Even Care About His Reputation?
0186 - There's Always Somebody Dangling From the Bottom Rung (Except in the Kingdom)

23. Question About Fasting Matthew 9:14 -17 2 Episodes ( 0187 – 0188) Approximately 20 Minutes
0187 - Sometimes I Wake Up and Realize My Categories Are Wrecked
0188 - Booze Exploded in My Truck One Time and That's Like the Bible (Trust Me, It'll Make Sense)

24. Matt teaches on the chronology and editorial choices that were made by Matthew 2 Episodes (0189 – 0190) Approximately 19 minutes
0189 - Why Do People Who Write Stories Mess With the Order of Things?
0190 - What is Matthew Doing With the Order of Events in His Story?

25. Jesus resurrects a Ruler’s daughter, and heals others Matthew 9:18-34 9 Episodes (0191 – 0199) Approximately 1 hour 43 minutes
0191 - I'm So So So Sorry for Killing That Hamster
0192 - This Guy Embraced the Evidence of His Eyes and Ears and Did Something Bold
0193 - What's Wrong With Bleeding for 12 Years?
0194 - When Push Comes to Shove You Don't Grab the Fashionable Rope, You Grab the One You Think Will Work
0195 - What If You Could Give Someone Back Their Dead Kid Alive and Well?
0196 - The Least Surprising Thing In the Bible Is That People Saw Jesus Bring a Kid Back to Life and Then They Told a Bunch of People About That
0197 - Officer Niceguy Handles Duress Well
0198 - Why Is Jesus Being So Dang Sneaky
0199 - The Blind Guys Could See What The Deal Was

26. Deep dive into the Pharisee’s response to Jesus’s Miracles 9:32-34 4 Episodes (0200 – 0203) Approximately 50 1 hour
0200 - Looking at the Exact Same Data and Coming to Different Conclusions
0201 - Justice, Love, and the Ref Are All Blind
0202 - The Idea of Blind and Deaf in the Bible Is Waaaay More Complex Than I Thought
0203 - Maybe Pirates or Possibly Satan?

27. “The harvest is plentiful but the laborer’s are few”. Commentary on Jesus’s observation to his apostles at the end of chapter 9 Matthew 9:35-38 6 Episodes (0204 – 0209) Approximately 1 hour 13 minutes (Including Side-Quest with Aron Utecht)
0204 - Worn and Weary Like Sheep Without a Shepherd
----- Intellectual Side Quest with Aron Utecht---
0205 - Do We Actually Know What the Original Audience Thought About Stuff? (Aron Utecht guest appearance)
0206 - Jesus and the "Sinners' Prayer"
--- End of Side Quest---
0207 - Oh My GAWWWWWWWWWWWWSH!!! Somebody Else Should Do Something!!!
0208 - Hey, Not-Christian Friends, Let's Talk About the Fact That Jesus Just Told His Followers to Go Tell You About Him
0209 - The Coolest Kid in 8th Grade Was the One Who Included Everybody

28. Jesus assigns a mission to his apostles Matthew Chapter 10 (but it’s mostly a discussion focused on 9:35-38) 9 Episodes (0210 – 0218) Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
Though, in the podcast, the discussion moves into chapter 10:1-4, the series of episodes below focus more on the theme in 9:35-38. the “sheep without a shepherd” phrase. So these episodes act more of a bridge between the end of chapter 9, and when Jesus gives his commission speech in 10:5.
0210 - The Kids Are About to Take a Big Step Forward
0211 - Jesus' Band of Uninspiring Misfits That Sometimes Asks Jesus to Burn People to Death
0212 - What Did Jesus' Screwy Disciple Draft Mean to the Original Audience?
0213 - Hey Mike, Have You Ever Had a Runza?
0214 - Why is Jesus, Who Loves Everybody, Telling His Disciples to Ignore Everyone But Jews?
0215 - What's Jesus' Campaign Buzzword?
Related Old Testament: ISAIAH 53; Jeremiah 50
0216 - I Think This Sheep Thing Is Intentional and Effective
0217 - Other Than Going to School Without Pants, Being on Stage Without a Script Is Everyone's Worst Nightmare
0218 - Jesus' Announcement of His Kingdom Is Way Nicer Than Thanos's

29. Missional Discourse, Part I Matthew 10:5-15 4 Episodes (0219 – 0222) Approximately 45 minutes
0219 - It's Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This.
0220 - Is This One of Those Things Where The King's Arrival Is Obvious Like at Winterfell, Or Is It Missable Like in Henry V?
0221 - It's Reasonable for Samuel L. Jackson and Jesus of Nazareth to Expect to be Recognized
0222 - Literally Hitler and Literally Sodom and Gomorrah (Adult Subject Matter Warning For Kids)

30. Missional Discourse, Part II Matthew 10:16-22 7 Episodes (0223 – 0230) Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
0223 - Put on Your Special Gaming Trousers, Because We're Playing the Animal Association Game and You're Going to Dominate!
0224 - Bears Are Very Dangerous, Also You Totally Want to Be Where the Bears Are
0225 - Taming of the Shrewd
0226 - How Is Jesus Structuring His Commissioning Speech in Matthew 10?
0227 - Hey Gang, You're Getting Flogged; Also, It's Worth It.
0229 - What Does "Son of Man" Mean?
0230 - Three-Part Dad Tennis Pep Talk

31. BIBLE HOUR SIDE QUEST Matt Whitman teaches his congregation on the old parts of the Old Testament A 49 minute sermon broken into 5 parts. The complete talk is uploaded as a sixth episode for the week.
September 20 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (pt 1)
September 21 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (pt 2)
September 22 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (pt 3)
September 23 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (pt 4)
September 24 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (pt 5)
September 25 – The Very Old Part of the Old Testament and Abraham (complete)

32. Resuming the Missional Discourse, Part II Matthew 10:23-42 7 Episodes (0231 – 0238) Approximately 1 hour 34 minutes
0231 - What the Heck Is Going on With Matthew 10:23?
“I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel, before the Son of man comes.” RSV 2nd Catholic Edition
0232 - Hawkeye and Jesus Are Excellent at Customized Encouragement Speeches
0234 - Today I Feel Exhausted by Division and Then The Passage We're Covering Is About Division
0235 - In Order to Hear This Program, You Must First Program Your Hearing
0236 - Here the Bannermen Go Again on Their Own
0237 - Before This Episode is Over, We're Going to Figure Out Who Gets What Present
0238 - After Action Report

33. SIDE QUEST Continuation of a conversation with Aron Utecht about the sinner’s prayer. 1 Episode ( 0239 ) 13 minutes
0239 - Is the Lord's Prayer the Sinner's Prayer?

34. John The Baptist Sends Messengers to Ask Jesus if he is the Messiah Matthew 11:2-19 6 Episodes (0240 – 0245) Approximately 70 minutes
0240 - Was John the Baptist Being Dumb For Asking if Jesus Was the Messiah?
0241 - The Scoreboard Tells the Truth
0242 - Nobody Punches John the Baptist but Me
0243 - Wait, so Kyle's Greater Than John the Baptist? KYLE?
0244 - The Wind Is Inevitable
0245 - To What Can I Compare This Generation?

35. Jesus Upbraids Unrepentant Cities Matthew 11:20-25 5 Episodes (0246 – 0251) Approximately 70 minutes
0246 - You Are Cool and I Like You Anniversary Episode
0247 - Flyover Country Taking a Verbal Beating
0248 - Why Did Everybody Hate Tyre So Much? They Seem Pretty Cool to Me
0249 - What're You Laughing at, Capernaum?
0250 - If You Had Listened to This Episode Five Minutes Ago, Everything Would Have Been Different
0251 - Monster Molinism Mailbag
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2020.10.13 14:52 T0rrent01 This cancer from the megathread

CP†: The recent widespread use of the term “new normal” has been concerning to say the least. It’s almost like the people who use that term the most had their lives suck a bunch before the pandemic and now they love that everyone else is as miserable as they are. Guess what? Most people want to get back to normal life and we won’t be held back for much longer.
CS: Reddit always allows the most extreme voices ring the loudest.
And the media always lets the most extreme voices ring loudest because it gets clicks. Most of middle/suburban America seems like it’s moving back to normal.
N‡: So, that's why this thread is getting brigaded by deniers and downplayers...
CS: And also why there is constant “even with a vaccine we aren’t going back to normal!”
Everyone who falls in between just gets attacked or don’t really have a stake in the argument. A vast majority of people wear masks when required but other than that, eat in restaurants, go to school, play sports, have weddings, etc.
CSJ: > A vast majority of people wear masks when required but other than that, eat in restaurants, go to school, play sports, have weddings, etc.
Not buying that
TKB: Thousands of people took to the streets last night when the Lakers won the NBA finals despite the Mayor's office telling people not to gather. In CA, kids are still not allowed to compete in youth sports, so they just form 'clubs' and have been traveling to neighboring states to compete. Bars serve popcorn or hot dogs for a dollar and open up and are packed with people because no one enforces the guidance here. Underground clubs and warehouse parties happen every weekend. Many are holding weddings at large private residences or going to 'free' states to have them without limits. Many businesses have refused to close if there is another lockdown. People are sick of the restrictions and it shows.
AS‡: I agree. People are sick of restrictions. And our number of cases keeps ticking upward. I wonder if the two are related.
LA: Only if you’re trying to get buy-in for total elimination through lockdown....
CSJ‡: Again, I'm not saying these things aren't happening. I know they are. I'm saying I'm not buying that the "vast majority" of people are eating in restaurants, going to bars, having/attending weddings, throwing/attending large parties etc.
Polling does not back this claim.
TKB: Honestly I think it really depends on accessibility. Those who can afford to skirt the rules and regulations do, and many of them are trying to keep it low key. The ones skirting the rules are definitely not answering polls haha.
CSJ: Not seeing the logic in that. Polls are just that; polls. Most are done over the phone or internet anonymously. There isn't a consequence for being honest. There is margin of error. Even accounting for that it's clear the narrative of "vast majority don't care anymore" is not true.
We can look at other indicators for further evidence. Job losses, unemployment, net gain/loss of small businesses. United and American airlines just furloughed 32K workers. This doesn't happen if people are back to pre-covid behavior. Yes, people, in general, are taking more risks and becoming more lax, however there still is a long ways to go before society goes back to pre-covid behavior. While the news likes to focus on all the idiots spreading false or misleading information, and acting irresponsibly, there are many others who look at the data, try to keep tabs on the science as best as possible, and listen to experts. It's important to remember that through the 6 or so months of illness, suffering, death, and economic disruption the % infected in the U.S. is most likely somewhere around 10-15%. Herd immunity likely somewhere around 50-70%. It's going to take a vaccine to get where we want to be.
TKB: Agree with you on that. Our only hope to return to normal is a vaccine. The airline and tourism industries won't be back to normal for a long time. Even if you wanted to go back to pre Covid normal, countries are also at the mercy of the rest of the world. Even if people want to travel, no one is allowing flights to enter their countries. It's inevitable that travel industries suffer. We won't see the true effects or impacts on the lockdown early on until middle of next year.
BB: Those polls are from August. I think a great example is Victoria, where in the beginning a LARGE majority of citizens were if favor of the lockdown, however the most recent polls showed that they have done a 180.
N‡: The fivethirtyeight averages have data points through early October. 🤷‍♂️
BB: And it shows that Americans are far more worried about the economy than COVID.
AL: People are worried about their livelihoods. Local restaurants and businesses can't survive having capacity restrictions for very long and many people are out of work. People are worried about small businesses and unemployment.
N‡: That's a dubious conclusion in a poll that doesn't actually directly compare the two. So, let's do that.
with 35 percent of voters saying they are more concerned about the economy and 57 percent saying they are more concerned about public health — roughly even with last week. The results were similar among political parties
So, when you do in fact compare the two, the result is the opposite. This result is because you mistakenly assumed that aggregate preferences proportionally reflect sensitivity. This is actually a standard part of basic marketing courses because it's somewhat unintuitive. But, you should know this if you've taken one.
AFC: "Not only do people under-report socially undesirable beliefs, but also they over-report behaviors that are socially desirable. As the PEW explains, “research has shown that respondents understate alcohol and drug use, tax evasion and racial bias; they may also overstate church attendance, charitable contributions, and the likelihood that they will vote in an election.” -
N: This defeats the original OP's argument that everyone is happily going back to normal though and is pretty revealing. If everyone viewed returning to standard behavior as "normal" then it wouldn't be socially undesirable. What you're actually showing is that people on this sub pushing the "no new normal" issue are out of the mainstream, engaging in socially undesirable behavior, and they know it.
AFC: Yup, people definitely realize it's socially undesirable to be 100% honest about everything they're doing to pollsters. Apparently they are having the same issues with contact tracing, because people don't want to admit to the contact tracers all the risky places they've been, so they just say something like "oh I've only been going on walks, I don't know where I could've gotten it from" thus making it impossible to the contact tracer to do their job and for us to get more good data on places where the virus is most likely to spread.
CS: They are in suburbia Texas at least! Three weddings happened in my social circle this weekend! High school football stands are full!
TWCNWD: Anecdotes don't really mean much. You might "see" places as being "packed" but when you look at mobility tracking data, and the restaurant revenue, we can easily see that foot traffic is still way down from where it was before. You might see a rush of people filling up a bar or restaurant as evidence that "everyone is going back to normal" but in reality the overall traffic is still much lower. Restaurant and bar owners have been very vocal that they are barely hanging on, and still continuing to close left and right. So you can't really argue that a 'majority' of people are ignoring social distancing, the numbers don't support you.
LA‡: Don’t ask these guys for numbers, it’s always “I saw a Karen at Walmart so clearly 50% of the US is breaking the rules”
CSJ: I'm not saying those things aren't happening I'm saying your claim that the "vast majority" of people are doing those things is incorrect.
I live in surburbia bible belt USA. I can see that many are doing those things that you mentioned. I also know many who are still taking precautions against the risky activities you mention. Businesses are closing in popular shopping areas around me. People can try to ignore reality if they want, however until there is a vaccine there is a % of people who will continue to take precautions.
SBR: That’s what’s happening where I am. Lol
CSJ‡: I'm glad you speak for everybody in your area.
SBR: I’m not speaking for them it’s an observable fact lol. Some of you really need to take a break from the internet.
CSJ: You don't understand how evidence works.
Anecdotes are nice, and useful in certain situations, however when it comes to what is most likely true about reality there are better ways to measure.
SBR: Wait are you kidding? Lol your first source says the majority of the population is more concerned about the economy than infection? Wouldn’t that support my stance? My reality is that people are out and about and ready to spend money. It’s observable, it’s reality, it’s probably not changing.
CSJ‡: Interesting way to try to spin those polls. The two polls are titled
How worried are Americans about the infection? 66.2 very or somewhat worried
How worried are Americans about the economy? 86% very or somewhat worried
The majority are worried about the economy and COVID.
Again, your standard of proof is weak. I see more people out and about compared to the spring. In fact, I don't think I know a single person that isn't out and about more than they were in March/April. That doesn't mean the "vast majority" are back to pre-covid normal. You argue dishonestly with a pre-supposed narrative without supporting evidence. The truth that you concoct in your head doesn't necessarily support the reality that we live in. That's why polls are conducted, and data collected and analyzed. Without a better argument then "This is what I see" then I see no point in continuing this debate.
SBR: Okay wait no. You’re not making any sense. If one camp has a higher percentage of concern than that places priority into that camp. Either way, we cant really translate either percentage into real life because the behavior influenced by these concerns are unknowns. To me, that chart translates into push for getting back to work and spending money. The states that are completely open with zero restrictions are experiencing little business closures or revenue loss, so we can assume there is demand. The problem isn’t people afraid of the virus (and that 60% or whatever is also encamping the people expressing little concern), it’s the restrictions. That’s how you analyze data.
N: Are you going blind? Every comment in this thread expressing the slightest caution is getting buried in downvotes. None of those posts are remotely that extreme. The top comment is literally a declaration that there will be no new normal. In yesterday's thread, the only posts of that nature were posted by an nonewnormal troll to give skeptics something to circlejerk around. Its about condoning recklessness and denial at this point and it's dangerous.
LA†: Why are you so distressed about things going back to normal one day? Was your normal like kinda sad?
N: I think things will be back to normal next year. But, Im also not a sociopath and Im not comfortable with killing hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily.
LA‡: So not wanting to give up my life so a grandma I’ve never met gets a few more years makes me a sociopath? Damn. Ok maybe we can start a quiz to filter out terrible people like myself:
“Would you quit your job and lose your livelihood for 3+ years so your neighbors grandma can live one more year in hospice?”
N: How exactly did you interpret "Things will be normal next year" to mean giving up your job and livelihood for 3+ years? Are you having a siezure? Something is a little off in your logic, buddy.
LA‡: Even if we decide to stop the charades and go back to normal, I don’t imagine 12.5 million unemployed people will find work immediately, do you? Takes a couple years to recover...analogy still stands.
N: If you fail to control the disease, it takes even longer. Unless you think the 1/3 of the population at elevated risk of dying is just going to throw caution to the wind.
LA: Yes, if they’re under 70 and not already at deaths door. 😂
N: Which is contrary to CDC guidance and spreading misinformation. Also, an intentional misinterpretation of the relative risk to those who are younger and have a generally low risk of death.
AS: Literally no one has asked you to "give up your life".
LA: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
AS‡: And who exactly is asking you to give up any of that? You have to wear a mask to go to the store and you're encouraged to stay home if you possibly can. Who is asking you to "give up your life"?
LA: Dude, I live in Southern’s essentially still March here.
AS‡: Again, who exactly is telling you to "give up your life?" I don't even know what this means. No one has ever asked me to give up my life.
LA†: I’m assuming your life involves a lot of hot Cheetos and PC gaming?
FTB: Um yes, they have. I graduated from school last year and due to the shutdowns, I can't find a job in that field. For 6 months, I did not see friends or family, in Massachusetts, bars, clubs, concerts, sports, and conventions are all cancelled until a vaccine.
We can't have parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween are all cancelled.
The only thing I can do from my old life that I enjoy is play video games.
We were definitely asked to give up our lives to save the elderly.
AS‡: Here in KS, no one has asked us to not see friends/family. I'm allowed to call or Zoom with any of them I want and I do. Yes, big public gatherings are all shut down but that's 100% reasonable. Re-opening them makes zero sense at all. No one has cancelled any holidays here.
FTB: Yay more Zoom socializing. Can't wait.
OB†: Why are you making such a ridiculous straw-man argument? Nobody hates the idea of going back to normal. People hate the idea of deplorables failing to cooperate and causing a longer pandemic than was ever necessary. But they don't hate the idea of going back to normal, and it's a ridiculous thing for you to say.
(mod): I've lost count of how many of your comments I've had to remove today. Stop calling other people deplorable, and stop insulting other users.
LA: This whole “blaming maskless Karen for extending the pandemic” is like blaming global warming on your neighbor who won’t sort their aluminum 😂
OB†: Nope! It's maskless Karen's fault, and she is getting blamed, ridiculed, shunned and remembered for the rest of her life. There's no escaping it. Deplorable people get deplored. Permanently. Enjoy the shunning.
LA: Lol k
AS‡: Things going back to normal isn't practical. We're going to have to learn to deal with things like wearing masks to stores, distancing and remote working for awhile. I don't understand why this is so controversial and people are angry about it.
CP: Because masks and distancing suck and I’m not doing it for more than a year
AS: What measures do you propose to prevent spread of covid that don't include distancing and masks?
CP: I would rather have the virus and get flu symptoms for a few days than social distance for 2 years if that’s what your asking
AS: And you're ok with exposing other people and them getting sick or dying as well?
VZ‡: You mean have an over 30% chance of chronic problems “Comrade”
CP: Source?
VZ‡: Google it there are studies Comrade. Also congrats on getting your parent comment removed 👍🏽
R: People aren’t doing that anymore. Although working remotely is fun but was already a trend before covid. I definitely expect working remotely to be a thing because removing commutes is awesome for anyone and everyone. Social distancing? Not happening anymore. We are going back to spending time with friends and family at parties and gatherings. Sorry but we are moving on with our lives.
AS: So you're going back to having parties and social gatherings. What are your plans to avoid spreading the virus at said gatherings?
R: Stay home when sick or after traveling right now. My buddies and I are doing a ton of traveling around the country going biking and backpacking. We’ve been hanging out since May pretty much. None of us have gotten sick or anyone in our social spheres. So it looks like our plan is working
AS‡: But you can spread the virus before you have any symptoms and you can also be completely asymptomatic.
R: Yeah sometimes it happens. It is all part of the risk. Going back to normal means you have to accept new risks. When I get in the car to go to my friends house, I accept the risk of driving. When we go to the sushi restaurant, I accept the risk of eating raw fish. Going back to normal Means accepting these risks
AS: But you are accepting risks for me. If you reopen with no restrictions at all then you put me at risk and I can't opt out of those risks. I can't go to a different restaurant. I can't drive a safer car. I must get groceries from somewhere and you're forcing me to put myself to risk every time I do that. How is that acceptable?
R: I didn’t say reopen everything with no restrictions. That’s not up to me.
If you’re going out to get groceries then you’re willing to take on risks that come with it. So you have to ask yourself if it’s acceptable that you put yourself in that kind of risk. Again that’s not up to me if you go get groceries.
**AS**: But everyone has to get groceries which means I'm forced to go to the store and if we have no restrictions I get a crowded store with people in no masks.
OB‡: The down voting brigade began yesterday for some reason. It's obvious and it seems organized. Don't let it bother you. It's like that Drew Carey show where the points don't matter. Just keep telling the truth, and don't let ignorance win.
TWCNWD: > The down voting brigade began yesterday for some reason.
No, it began back in August. There's two big "skeptic" subs, won't name them as I don't want to contribute to their publicity, who have made it a point to troll this sub.
BS‡: It was getting praised for a while since summer.
TC‡: The quality of comments in the daily discussions has gotten really low. It's telling that posts and comments outside of the daily thread are much better.
O‡: > A vast majority of people wear masks when required but other than that, eat in restaurants, go to school, play sports, have weddings, etc.
All of those things are worse than not wearing a mask at a grocery store, those types of events are what causes most cases
LA: I guess the septuagenarians should stay home from social occasions, bars, etc.
LC†: majority of reddit are anti social people who LOVE not having to leave the house.
OB‡: Why would you even say such a ridiculous thing? You gave no evidence to back it up, or even any inkling that your statement could be based in reality. Do you just feel like spewing nonsense this morning?
NF†: Hit a little too close to home there?
OB†, ‡: Not that anything you have said is notable, but I encourage people to look at this thread. The first post is gaslighting. The second post is a strawman, the third post is mine, and the 4th post is mocking based on an assumption. None of these comments have any substance to them. Critical thinking is notably absent. Yet those nonsensical posts are being strongly upvoted while sensible posts are being strongly downvoted. It doesn't feel natural. This sub wasn't like this two days ago. Something has changed. It feels like somebody brought a few of their friends to the coronavirus sub to prop up deplorable stances.
It's mildly interesting, slightly aggravating, a little bit disconcerting, with a soupcon of threat, but mainly, it is completely unimportant. It doesn't matter how many people mock concepts like "new normal" or "lockdown", because you don't get to vote on a pandemic. It moves down it's deadly path no matter how many people you mock. None of these smart-alecky remarks and downvotes will make one bit of difference to Covid. Neither will they sway anybody's opinion. By this point people have either decided to embrace deplorable habits or they have not.
The only thing, the only possible thing you can accomplish with a down-voting brigade in the coronavirus sub is to maybe make people consider shunning you a little less because there are so many of you. But I feel, I have the capacity to shun all of you. No matter the size of the herd, deplorable people do deplorable things, and deserve to be shunned.
LA†: Lol look at this guy out here shunning like Dwight fucking Schrute!
Sorry man, I think the opinions have already been swayed (not in your favor)
NF: “You’re opinions are beneath me and I will shun you, but let me respond with a three paragraph write-up first” lmao.
You’re pressed by a comment chain that began with somebody uncomfortable with the idea of governments refusing to ever let me people return to normal life.
OB†, ‡: Mischaracterizing another person's position is just another deplorable habit.
Those paragraphs were not for your benefit. Deplorable opinions have no substance and carry no weight.
EC: This has to be a parody account, right? I took you seriously before, but now? Nah.
LA: Yeah I’m questioning too now. All this over the top “deplorable” stuff.
NS: Put your thesaurus away, get off Reddit for a moment and leave the house for a change.
LA†: Uh oh...someone’s triggered 😂 😂 😂
SBR†: Ur like the biggest Karen of them all. Lol
LA†: TRIGGERED 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
(Awww, his little feelings got hurt so he went nuts with the report button lol)
SIL†: Well these are the people who have severe anxiety and panic issues excarbated by pandemic itself. They can’t accept people who put the mask on or apply other safety measures and then just move on with their lifes. They expect everyone to show this ridiculous panic component and if the person stays calm their brains explodes with error message: „Wut why don’t they panic like a wussie like I do”. Also they can’t accept the fact that there is nothing more to the corona pandemic than just protecting yourself by masks and distance etc. as of today. They rather cherish panicking and crying than staying safe and applying safety measures. These people need proffesional help and it’s best to just ignore them. So stay safe but also sane.
TWCNWD‡: > Guess what? Most people want to get back to normal life
They sure aren’t acting like it. They keep doing things that will make the pandemic last longer.
SBR: Actually that would speed up the pandemic lol
N‡: You have an entire sub dedicated to the discussion of exactly that. Literally, nonewnormal. Why the fuck are you brigading Coronavirus?
2a: Different things entirely, nonewnormal is a poorly named anti-mask sub.
BDPG: Not any more widespread than it was in March- if anything I'd say it's less prevalent now.
Fauci gave a good interview in WaPo in Sept. where he had some encouraging words- "we will get out of this and get back to our normal lives, I guarantee you that".
Besides, people used that phrase during every crisis before this too to just refer to changes made in daily routines. I wouldn't read too much into it. It is annoying to hearead, but most people, most governments, WHO official just coming out yesterday, know that people need their lives back.
I'd recommend reading some primary source diary entries from survivors of the Flu pandemic in '18-'20- "it is as though one can not imagine a life before the epidemic". A lot of the same sentiments being expressed w/ different wording.
"People are yearning for a return to normalcy". Sound familiar? Who said it and when?
It was Warren Harding in 1920.
SL: Thanks for this comment, it puts things into perspective. It’s really easy to get caught up in reading catastrophizing clickbaity news articles, but it’s really important to remember that they are just that... catastrophizing clickbaity news articles. Of course, reasonable, “boring” headlines like Fauci saying “we will get out of this and return to normal” don’t get nearly as much attention, clicks, and reddit upvotes as headlines that say “we are never going back to normal”.
OTP: The media has been pretty awful through this whole thing. First it was, we will never get a vaccine... then, a few months later, we have several good prospects... now there’s even more hope for a vaccine and the media says but wait, it won’t work or be effective enough for years! Masks for five years, normal will never come back, it’s just ridiculous the headlines used for clicks. They’re journalists, not scientists, not infectious disease experts. Had to rant there... this topic got under my skin today
SL: Yeah exactly. Like, I’ve always known that news articles are written so that they get as many clicks as possible because that’s just the business model, but the media coverage of covid has managed to disappoint me even more than I thought was possible. And there are zero consequences for the ridiculously awful quality of covid new coverage. They’ll just keeping selling fear, despair, and outrage porn as long as people are willing to click on it.
DW: This is correct. There have been pandemics since the beginning of humanity. They’re horrible and stressful to live through, but they always end.
OTP: I can’t wait for this crap to be over, as an introvert I was okay for the first several months of this and now I’m antsy. I’ll follow restrictions as long as needed, of course, but I’m freaking tired of it.
RT: Yeah, same here, I don't know how extroverts are surviving (assuming they aren't just going out and partying as normal).
BS: This. I'm just counting on next Spring, bro.
CS: Reddit always allows the most extreme voices ring the loudest.
And the media always lets the most extreme voices ring loudest because it gets clicks. Most of middle/suburban America seems like it’s moving back to normal.
N‡: So, that's why this thread is getting brigaded by deniers and downplayers...
CS: And also why there is constant “even with a vaccine we aren’t going back to normal!”
Everyone who falls in between just gets attacked or don’t really have a stake in the argument. A vast majority of people wear masks when required but other than that, eat in restaurants, go to school, play sports, have weddings, etc.
PR: Exactly. They say “even when a vaccine is rolled out, DON’T EVEN THINK FOR A MINUTE THINGS WILL BE NORMAL.” Like sorry to burst your bubble, once the high-risk are vaccinated 99% of us are going back to living our lives.
CSY‡: My favorite part of this sub-reddit is finding the people who speak for everybody.
CBC‡: > Like sorry to burst your bubble, once the high-risk are vaccinated 99% of us are going back to living our lives.
It's amazing to see people delude themselves into thinking this will be the last pandemic that they will see in their lifetimes.
I have very bad news about the state of the world's wilderness areas and wildlife populations and what this means for zoonotic diseases.
CSY‡: People don't like hearing inconvenient truths. I wouldn't go so far as to say that we know that most young-ish people will see another pandemic in their lifetimes, however pandemic/infectious disease specialists have been warning for years and years that the exploding population, and increasing interaction between humans and wildlife will lead to more zoonotic viruses. In fact, over the last couple decades humans have got lucky. H1N1 was a pandemic that we were fortunate was very mild in virulence. MERS, SARS didn't spread out of control. H5N1 (bird flu) was stopped or not pathogenic enough to cause a pandemic. Ebola was stopped, and it's mechanisms didn't favor easy transmission. Hell, we are even lucky with COVID. It could have been a lot worse if it was even 1-2x deadlier.
CKL: I don't see why this is being downvoted either.
There's strong scientific consensus that with climate change and rampant human population growth, pandemics are expected to become increasingly more frequent and severe. It won't surprise me if we have to go through this social distancing and masking up inconvenience once again someday in the future.
This is the reality of the world we're heading into now. To be fair though, pandemics probably would be a lesser worry (unless something akin to smallpox arises) compared to everything else that a warming planet will bring.
SG: Holy crap the down votes. You are literally repeating what scientists the world over have said/are saying (and have been saying for YEARS, before COVID), and people can't handle it.
CSY: I'm not sure whether people can handle it or not (it doesn't matter because it doesn't change reality), however these daily discussions threads are useless places to try to speak to reason, logic, science, data these days. I suppose I most love to torture myself by coming back here over and over again.
MS‡: Yeah. Pandemics are going to be a regular occurrence around the world. Hence, masks and social distancing are going to be a regular occurrence around the world.
SL: Hello u/T0rrent01
N‡: You realize he's actually a denialist that posts stuff to start anti-mitigation circlejerks right?
SL: I don’t know what his agenda is but yeah I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually believe what he is saying
CRS: Healthy young people get covid and die or have organ damage too.
BKC: Yep, can confirm. I live in a small, geographically isolated town in Alaska who was never hit hard with the virus. We haven’t had a case in a while. Life is back to normal(except for federal regulations such as travel).
MVR‡: What's it like being that distant?
BKC: It can be hard sometimes, but this year i’ve been really appreciative. It’s been very nice to live in a little bubble.
(† = deleted, ‡ = downvoted)
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2020.10.12 08:27 PerilousPlatypus [Serial][UWDFF Alcubierre] Part 65

Beginning Previous
The Humans were unreliable, on this the three agreed.
This conclusion was not surprising, but it did complicate matters considerably. Bakka viewed the representations of the lead Human, Captain Sana Bushida, as truthful, if only because they were too unsettling to be viewed as an attempt at prevarication. Bo's insights into the matter were more limited, as Bo remained apoplectic about the decision to expose their orb housing to the Humans. Bakka had deemed that a necessary risk, a means of establishing a rapport by revealing a vulnerability. It did not appear that the Humans had recognized the gesture for what it was, as the entire interaction have been a confusing jumble of colloquial hostility.
Gah preferred the secondary Human, Lida, to the lead Human. Lida had seemed substantially more reasonable than Sana, though that was a low threshold to clear. Despite their collective reservations, Bo'Bakka'Gah intended to utilize the Humans in the inevitable confrontation with the artificient. There were too few alternative resources and the stakes of any encounter were too high to forego any potentially usable asset. It was unlikely in the extreme that three Humans would tip the balance in favor of the Remainers, but Bo'Bakka'Gah would take an unlikelihood over a certainty.
The three Humans were a short distance behind Bo'Bakka'Gah, following the skittering tripod as they weaved their way to the reinforced command center Bo'Bakka'Gah had established within this wedge of Halcyon. The journey was largely silent, there, though the sights evoked the occasional comment from the Humans. The Humans appeared to particularly interested in the statues lining some of the hallways, the towering suits of hollow armor that stood quiet vigil over the scurrying party.
The Human known as Lida thought the statues bore a striking resemblance to those utilized by certain clans of warriors upon Earth. The other two Humans were not in agreement, though they did exclaim their preference for the bipedal statues over the assortment of alien life they had encountered. Sana used numerous unknown words to express this preference. Rome simply nodded his head and agreed.
This preference for similarity to one's own being was a common characteristic among sentient beings. A instinctual response that served the purpose of survival -- different was more likely to be dangerous, all else being equal. Bo'Bakka'Gah comprehended the role this innate bias served, but could see little value in sentients judging another being based upon the structure of its corpus. In Bo'Bakka'Gah's experience, the value of a being was best demonstrated by rigorous application of intellect to problems with the careful assessment of outcomes.
Bo'Bakka'Gah excelled because it carefully pruned worldviews that would hamper its ability to progress. This was the power of the tri-fold mind, it created a level of awareness of thought and a capability for introspection that permitted continual progression. A weak thought by one would be recognized as such by the others. Even though the three were not required to agree on all matters, any disagreement was an opportunity for self-assessment.
Still, Bo'Bakka'Gah could empathize with the Humans' plight to a certain degree. They were stranded in an unfamiliar place, far from home. Moreover, they were being forced to confront a galaxy that contemplated an order of things that did not place them at its apex. This realization was traumatizing for many species as they emerged from the cloistered existence of their home habitat and looked to the stars. Humanity's introduction to galaxy was even more stark, with none of the gradual process that typically accompanied first contact with a species. By Human accounts, the current circumstances were the result of a string of unanticipated consequences stemming from a mistaken triggering event.
Bo'Bakka'Gah had reviewed the available evidence on this subject and found it difficult to parse fact from fiction from mystery. Humanity was an aberration in the annals of the Combine. A species that emerged from a dark corner, possessing strange capabilities and an unusual understanding of the nature of the galaxy. The Humans had behaved impulsively at each step, but Bo'Bakka'Gah was not certain they had intended to inflict the degree of harm they had. They seemed to be genuinely unaware of the rippling effects of their actions.
Bo still felt them dangerous.
Gah still felt them responsible for genocide.
Bakka did not dispute Bo or Gah's viewpoint, but was not so sure the Humans were entirely to blame for the present circumstances. Even if they were to be blamed and hostilities to resume, it made little sense to wage such a battle prior to addressing the threat posed by the artificient.
Bo'Bakka'Gah made their way through a final set of doors and came to stand in the command center of the Remainers. It was a large, multi-level square room, brimming with flashing screens and members of various other species. Many of them bore the designation of the Peacekeepers, the defense force that Bo'Bakka'Gah led on behalf of the Combine. The room itself had been a Peacekeeper operations center for Halcyon, and it offered access to the full panoply of internal and external censors, which assisted in both the Exodus as well as coordinating the Remainers now.
Adjoining the command center were multiple holding areas, the programmable grey expanses that provided an ideal place to house the gathered population of Halcyon. These rooms were no longer grey, instead they were a chaotic hodgepodge of environments drawn from the home planets of the members, placed side-by-side so that each being would have an ideally suited place to reside as events unfolded.
Bo'Bakka'Gah mounted a small, raised platform in the center of the room and then slowly lowered the orb at the center of the three legs into an indentation in the middle of the platform. A grinding sound echoed out as the command assembly affixed itself to the bottom of the orb, granting Bo'Bakka'Gah a better interface with the operational facilities of Halcyon and the Peacekeeping forces than what could be accommodated within Bo'Bakka'Gah's tripod alone. Information immediately flowed into the tri-fold mind, offering greater granularity and clarity on the situation than what had been available immediately before.
An immediate anomaly surfaced. The heat thresholds of the materials associated with the artificient's power generators had been exceeded by a considerable margin. However, despite this face, they continued to operate without the expected meltdown. While the thresholds were set at conservative levels to avoid any possibility of just such an occurrence, the current readers indicated the materials were operating beyond what should be mathematically and structurally possible.
It made little sense. Even if such a thing were possible, the artificient should have followed the efficient path and spread to the nearby power generation capabilities rather than undertake whatever process it had undertaken to increase the yield at the one it now occupied. The artificients were highly predictable according to all models gifted to the Combine by the Divinity Angelysia. They followed proscribed paths and rules at all times. Artificients' strength lay not in their creativity, but in their incredible ability to execute their baseline functions.
A core parameter of artificients was to expand rather than invest. To spread rather than concentrate. To find the path of least resistance. Numerous alternate power generation resources were immediately available to the artificient a short distance from its current location. By remaining in a single location, this artificient was behaving oddly. On this, the three agreed and so Bo'Bakka'Gah knew it to be true.
Bo'Bakka'Gah must understand this deviation.
"Why does the artificient remain?" Bo'Bakka'Gah asked, projecting the inquiry outward to the consoles within the command center while also vocalizing it from its current location. Accompanying the inquiry was a visualization of Halcyon, indicating the artificient's concentrated presence and the steadily rising output numbers. Responses began to filter in from the assembled Remainers, though each was a variation that echoed Bo'Bakka'Gah's current consternation.
"What [unknown] else is it supposed to do?" Sana Bushida called out from nearby, her neck craned upward as she looked at the projected image of Halcyon.
"It is expected to spread. To consume. To conquer," Bo'Bakka'Gah replied.
Sana raised her shoulders and dropped them down, a physical mannerism that Bo'Bakka'Gah could not parse. "Not what happened back home," Sana said. Her tone conveyed a flat disinterest in the happenings, as if she had expected more.
Still, the response intrigued Bo'Bakka'Gah. "What occurred when this weapon was fired on prior occasions?"
"Don't know specifics. I'm just a ball [unknown]. Just know fleet would line up a shot at...PEW...lights out," Sana said. The two other Humans nodded beside her, which Bo'Bakka'Gah took to mean agreement from their prior interaction.
"All lights? In all locations?"
"No. Just where we fired it. Shut down the city. [Unknown] the fusion plants up."
Lida joined in now, "Yeah. Pulse would come down and then the mindframe would just...die. At least that's what they said happened."
"They?" Bo'Bakka'Gah asked.
"The [unknown]. The higher ups. Command. Said we were attacking the mindframes. That's why they attacked back. Killed everyone in the cities." Sana was still looking at the projection, but the tone was different now. No longer disinterested, just distant. Her voice dropped lower now. "At least that's what they said," Sana whispered, repeating Lida's line.
Bo'Bakka'Gah began to chip away at the narrative, trying to find connections between what had transpired during their war and what was occurring here at Halcyon. Much did not make sense. Bo'Bakka'Gah knew that the Humans had somehow weaponized an artificient, as the one present within Halcyon attested to. It was less clear how a weaponized artificient could be used to solve the presence of a pre-existing artificient in a Human city. Clearly, it had somehow done so, if the words of Sana and Lida were to be believed.
It was a nonsensical solution. Putting out a fire with more fire. Bo considered this insanity. Gah viewed it as confirmation that the Humans were a genocidal and clearly suicidal species.
The analogy gave Bakka pause. Putting out a fire with more fire. It did seem like a strange solution, but there was precedent. A fire required oxygen. Another fire could deprive it of oxygen. Oxygen was to fire what energy was to an artificient: a prerequisite to continued existence. If all of it was consumed, then it could no longer exist.
An intriguing theory, though entirely unworkable. Power could be generated with no limit beyond the storage and transmission capabilities of the underlying materials, and even those did not seem to be relevant given the current outputs the Halcyon artificient was producing. The theory also did not explain why the artificient did not spread.
"The artificient the Humans were battling--"
"The Automics," Lida responded.
"This artificient. Did it spread?"
"Like an [unknown]," Sana replied. "Almost overnight, they were everywhere. They weren't hostile right away, they were just...there."
Rome came to stand beside Sana, resting a hand on her shoulder. Sana shrugged it off and continued, "They were everywhere we were. Took over the cold fusion plants first. Built their [unknown] mindframes." She huffed up and then expelled a globule of expectorant from her mouth, a sight Bo'bakka'Gah considered odd but not out of place along the extrusions of Chargo. "And then, once they were all set up, the fireworks began."
"Yeah, well, we got them in the end," Rome said, his hands clasped behind his back after Sana had rejected his effort to comfort her.
Bo'Bakka'Gah's tri-fold mind consumed this new information, pulling the pieces apart and then reassembling them into various configurations to see in new insights were yielded. Many possibilities emerged, but none could explain the Humans' supposed victory over these Automics. There was no reason to believe an artificient could be used to deprive another artificient of life. This was another base parameter of artificients: they would coordinate rather than compete. Unfortunately, the records from the Divinity Angelysia were sparse on this matter, as it appeared their conflict focused on a single artificient, the Expanse, but whenever branches of the Expanse came into contact, they would fuse and update.
Bo'Bakka'Gah felt as if a critical element was missing. The results the Humans experienced were impossible within the framework of the galaxy as Bo'Bakka'Gah understood it. Still, Bo'Bakka'Gah believed the Humans, despite the implications. The Humans had clearly fought an artificient, the presence of the Halcyon artificient was evidence of that. They had clearly survived the encounter, or they would not be here. The conclusion was that they had somehow achieved the impossible or that the impossible was somehow possible. That the rules were different for Humans.
Bo flicked back and forth. Agitated by the last thought. A memory triggered.
Moments later, the testimony from Witness Levinson was summoned and then replayed and analyzed. Bo'Bakka'Gah consumed the testimony and then replayed it. They focused on a particular section. Replaying it multiple times.
Witness Levinson stood in the Adjudication Chamber, providing his testimony. He was being questioned as to the nature of the armaments of his vessel, which were in violation of the Combine Compact and common sense. At the time, Bo'Bakka'Gah had considered the Witness' responses as an attempted bluff. A way to strengthen Humanity's hand in negotiations with the Combine. But, when pressed, the Witness had let information slip that he had not intended to, a fact mistakenly released in his haste to justify the actions taken by his ship.
Bo'Bakka'Gah replayed the line a final time.
"Back home, these weapons are not as powerful. There are different rules. The laws of physics...aren't like they are here."
Different rules.
"Are physics different in Sol?" Bo'Bakka'Gah asked.
Sana snorted, "You think you'd have a [unknown] chance if you guys weren't cheating?"
"Cheating?" Bo'Bakka'Gah said.
"Yeah. Cheating. With your [unknown] laser beams and all the other [unknown]. You're lucky the Oppie was the only one who got a full retrofit. We'll be ready next time."
"For your [unknown] magic physics!" Sana shouted, rounding on Bo'Bakka'Gah, her fists clenched. "And all the other [unknown][unknown] you pulled that got a lot of good pilots killed." Two nearby Chargo rumbled and lumbered closer, though Sana did not seem to be interested in pursuing the matter further. She simply stared at Bo'Bakka'Gah, more specifically Bakka, who floated serenely in the center of the orb, preoccupied with Sana's words.
The rules were different. Witness Levinson had been telling the truth. It explained much, even if it was beyond the realm of reasonable considerations. Bo'Bakka'Gah could only chastise themselves, the folly of projecting conventional understanding unto matters that entailed the involvement of the Divinity Angelysia now laid bare. There could be no assumptions when an ascended species and its designs were contemplated. For reasons unknown, the restricted zone the Humans resided in possessed unique characteristics.
No, possibly not unique. The other restricted zones were also unknowns. What was known was that the laws of that time and space were different from the laws at work within the known space of the Combine. Without more knowledge on how these rules operated, it would be difficult to conjecture their exact implications and how that might alter the prospects for the continuation of organic life.
Regardless of those rules, two things were now known. First, that an artificient could conceivably be defeated. Second, that the artificient the Humans had unleashed upon the Combine was somehow different than the Automics. The Automics appeared to have operated on similar terms to the model articulated by the Divinity Angelysia. The Halcyon artificient had been designed to destroy artifcients that utilized that model, albeit under rules that were not in operation here.
Bo'Bakka'Gah could not determine what outcomes might be reasonably derived from this set of facts. They needed to know more and there were only two possible sources of additional information, the Humans and the artificient.
"Please articulate the basic laws of physics in Sol," Bo'Bakka'Gah said.
"Go find a [unknown] physics teacher, fish bowl," Sana replied. "I shoot [unknown] for living, same with the rest of us."
"You cannot state a single law of physics?"
Sana began another response, but Rome held up a hand. "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Does that help?"
Bo'Bakka'Gah was flummoxed, their tri-fold mind trying to grasp at the implications of such a statement. If true, Humanity had somehow survived an impossibly harsh existence. Why would a species be subjected to such cruelty? Why would they be deprived thus?
The answer was simple.
To find a way to win.
Very well, the possibility of victory existed within Sol, but Bo'Bakka'Gah did not see how this possibility could be of use. While the discovery of a vulnerability within the artificients was momentous, the laws of Sol were not the laws of the Combine. The knowledge of this vulnerability was not actionable. The Human victory could not become a Combine victory under the present circumstances.
Still, the current situation was also different than what had come before. The Halcyon artificient did not behave as the Expanse or the Automics. Its baseline parameters were different. What did this mean? What were the implications?
The Humans did not appear to possess the knowledge required to answer these questions. Bo'Bakka'Gah would get what information they did have to the extent the Humans would cooperate, but Bo'Bakka'Gah was skeptical of receiving answers to all of the questions required to maximize the opportunity to continue organic life. A more drastic action would be required. A higher risk must be run.
Bo rebelled against the conclusion before it was fully formed, but it could not resist. This was of the Path and the three must agree. Bo'Bakka'Gah's responsibility was to the Remainers. To the continuation of organic life. To understand this enemy, they must engage with it. Being reactive favored the artificient, allowed it to consolidate.
They must be proactive.
They must seek answers from the artificient itself.
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2020.10.11 22:50 EquippedThought WTT: MXR Analog Chorus, Animals Pedal Fishing is fun as Fuzz, AND an Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus Vibe as a bundle. WTTF:Pharoah Fuzz or Black Forest or any other solid distortion or fuzz. Open to a compressor or delay as well

I am hoping to trade 3 cheaper pedals for one dedicated to distortion, delay, fuzz, or compression. Can potentially add cash as well.
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2020.10.10 15:43 gamer_girl_feet Did you know that you can move the fishing rod with the left analog stick?

Just a couple of minutes ago I accidently bumped my analog stick while fishing and learned this by accident. It is very useful to move the bait to the fish you try to catch.
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